If you have landed on this page, you might have already heard of the whiteboard animation videos. No matter who you are, a teacher wanting to prepare a lecture for your students or a digital marketer looking to increase traction towards your clients’ website, or a student trying to gain those brownie points by going extra on a class project, we have got you covered. And so here is all there is to know regarding a whiteboard animation.  

But firstly, what are whiteboard animation videos? Low cost but highly impactful videos created on a white background, which uses hand-drawn graphics and drawings to explain a concept, usually accompanied by a voice-over narrating the idea behind the illustrations, are called whiteboard animation videos. These videos, which are widely available all across the internet, are gaining immense popularity, especially among marketing agencies and businesses, because they are simple yet visually appealing. 


If you did not already know, videos practically rule the internet. According to Cisco, 80% of the content consumption by 2022 would be through videos. And out of the many forms of videos, here are a few benefits of whiteboard animations highlighted, explaining why you should be creating them.


Whiteboard videos are simple to create and thus are very economical in comparison to other forms of content. All you need is an idea, script, voice-over artist, animation software, and voila- you have a top-notch quality video in no time.


Whiteboard explainer videos suit the corporate world. A study found that 59% of senior executives are likely to click on an explainer video before going through heavy texts. This makes them imperative for business communication.


Research tells that the human brain processes information through videos 60,000 times faster than through texts. Involving multiple senses helps with better memory also which is one fantastic benefit of whiteboard animations.


Whiteboard animation videos are engaging and easy to understand. When paired with a good script and narration, the bright colours and beautiful illustrations pique the viewers’ attention and keep them captivated till the very end. This allows you to incorporate many complex ideas into one video without compromising on the audience’s interest and engagement.


Animation videos are highly interactive and help you connect better with the audience. This eventually leads to higher CTR, increasing the conversion rates for your brand.


Whiteboard videos are almost always trending on the internet. Considering this, all the people trying to build an online presence should be creating animation based content.


Whiteboard animation videos

Now that we know how beneficial and valuable whiteboard videos are, the question might arise about who should be using them. The truth is whiteboard videos cater to all types of audiences. From big businesses to students to people casually surfing through video deposition sites like YouTube, everyone relates to animations, so whiteboard videos are for everybody.

But if we talk specifically about who must use it, here is a list

  • BUSINESSES: We have already established earlier how animation videos can increase conversion rates for brands. On this date, embedding whiteboard videos in your websites is a must if you want to appeal to your consumer base.
  • TEACHERS: As teachers, you want to prepare complicated lectures in a way that doesn’t bore your pupils. It is a proven fact that whiteboard videos are engaging and help with retaining knowledge and giving a good classroom experience to the students.


Whiteboard animation video

Video production is an investment. These videos are to help you with marketing, educational or informative purposes. To get a high-quality video generated, you might want to take help from experts. Many companies offer animation and video making services, but before signing up with them, here are a few things you should look for:

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Good communication is essential to the success of any creative endeavour. Pay adequate attention to the company’s customer service when choosing them for a job. 
  • QUALITY: A good whiteboard company would employ actual artists for the job and not have it as a side business. This ensures high-quality work.
  • MARKETING: There are some companies that not only make a video but also help you market it. Knowing their product will guide you through the best ways to get a maximum number of hits. Even if a little expensive, they should be given a chance because it would hugely benefit your business.
  • PRICE: Comparing the prices of different companies and choosing the one offering the best package for you is the way to go.
  • WORD OF MOUTH: Doing a thorough background check and looking for the rating and client feedback for the company can help you make the best decision.


As someone who wants to get started with whiteboard animations, you might be searching for software to help you get done with the task efficiently. Considering that there already are several unique applications and programs, here is a list of some of the best whiteboard animation software present in the market.

  1. DOODLY:

Looking around for animation software, you must have come across Doodly. This desktop software allows you to create videos on white, black, green, and even glass board backgrounds with a drag and drop interface. It has a library of many custom images designed by professional artists, a variety of canvases, different characters and hundreds of props. Based on the subscription package, it also offers an audio library for your background music. Using all these tools allows you to create fantastic animations and videos for educational or marketing purposes.

Easy video editing, a plethora of impressive features to choose from, and availability to be used offline make it extremely helpful for beginners. And so, if you are new to video making, with no prior skills, Doodly is your go-to.


Created to generate professional-looking animations and high-quality explainer videos, Videoscribe is a reasonably popular software for Windows and Mac. Ideal for beginners, this software offers numerous amazing pre-made doodles and artwork that can be employed to create top-notch illustrations and customizable videos. One of its best things is that it provides a varied pricing scheme; users can opt to purchase it through a one-time payment for indefinite use or buy a monthly or annual subscription.


If you want professional results at a low cost, consider using Explainidio. A software with 600 animated scenes, more than 300 fonts, various animated characters and many doodle sketch images, Explainidio is one of the best for creating eye-catching, engaging videos. Allowing multiple animations and multi-timeline editing at one time, this application can also help generate full-motion videos. And since it guarantees a full refund within 30 days, it is worth giving it a try.


Easy Sketch Pro 3.0 is a  video editing software that allows users to create doodle videos and transform them into interactive business and teaching tools that too in a one-time pay off which is less than $100. What makes it unique is its “Make my Video Interactive Feature”, which allows users to add hotspots into videos. You can use this hotspot feature to insert a call-to-action, or various buttons like YouTube, Skype, Linked In, etc., all of which can help better your business by increasing the engagement with the audience.


A popular video editing tool, Filmora can also be employed to create premium quality whiteboard videos. With its many admired features such as advanced text editing, 4K resolution editing support, colour grading presets, etc., this software is a great tool to generate interactive explainer videos with beautiful colour illustrations and a well-suited voice over.


Including more than 200 colourful and unique scenes, character animations, 2000+ animated icons in 30+ categories, Renderforest is a great application that can assist you in producing catchy videos for free. With its many excellent attributes, it can help you create educational presentations or corporate scribble videos. It is best if you want a high-quality whiteboard animation that is absolutely 0 cost. 

Each software has its unique features, and now that we have provided you with a list, choose whichever best suits your needs.


Who is Ydraw? Ydraw is a Whiteboard animation company that has worked with Disney, Amazon, and Verizon name a few companies. Unlike animation software, Ydraw has professional artists in house as well as voice over talent and you get to fully customize your video. When using a software, you have limited choices that are not unique to the project that you are working on.

When starting a project with us, you will start by filling out a questionnaire. We want to get to know you, your company or project, and your style. Once we understand your vision, we get to work for you. Unlike with animation software, where the editing and work is up to you.

At Ydraw we’ve helped over 3450 brands discover their message, create their video and deliver their story. We want to do the same for you!


You can see that whiteboard videos are imperative in this age. Either you are an educationalist, a brand or just any type of content creator, to establish your name, you need to get on board with animation videos. 

This article tried to comprehensively bring to you all the information relevant to whiteboard animation videos. As simple as they are to create, there also are some nitty-gritty details to pay attention to for fulfilling the purpose, be it education or marketing. Consider the factors mentioned in the article and generate for yourself a top-quality, perfect whiteboard explainer video. 

Animation For Business

Animation For Business

Video Animation for Business

If you want your business to have an online presence, you will need to use digital media. Video animation will help you get the word out about your goods and services. In today’s world people connect faster than ever and because of that are impatient and unwilling to sit through anything they don’t have to. Initially, consumers are only interested in the quickest way your business can convey information to them. But using animation for your business can pique the interest of viewers and keep their attention longer than any other means of advertisement.

Why Does Your Business Need Video Animation?

Animation is a very effective and inexpensive way to boost business, and when used correctly will increase customer traffic and lead to a more established internet presence. Technology is constantly changing, and chances are your competitors are also looking for ways to keep up. Here are a few reasons why your business needs video animation and how it can set you apart from your competitors, but for check out this video.

People Don’t Have Time

In this day and age it’s all about instant gratification. Who can provide me with the most pertinent information, and quickly? Sure, your product is amazing and has the potential to help a lot of people, but your pages of descriptions, features, and testimonials just aren’t going to hold attention for long. Get your message across with a creative minute-long animated video that sparks their interest and captures their imagination.

Consumers Care to Share

…If it’s worth sharing—and the chance your fans will do your marketing for you is improved if your content is fun and unique. Animated videos are so easy to link to and embed in other websites; all it takes is one click and your business just got a whole slew of new online viewers.


Not only will your video serve as an effective marketing technique—you can use it in the office, at trade shows, load it onto a disc or flash drive and hand it out. Post it to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… Video is endlessly versatile and its reach is incredible.

Very Impressive

Statistics have proven that your business will benefit from animated advertising. When it comes to animated videos, viewers retain 58% more information than they do just viewing images among black and white text. This is because animation caters to both sides of the brain. The left turns thoughts into images, allowing animation to communicate to left-brain thinkers in a way that words from live-action actors can’t. The right side of the brain likes animation because it easily ignites emotion and feelings. Animation is also more entertaining to right-brain thinkers, and they tend to hold onto the memory for a long time. In simpler words: if you want your audience to remember your business, show them an animated video.

Set Yourself Apart

If you’re company is the best, makes the best products or provides the best service, let people know. Stand out from your competition! When you use animation for your business, not only can you showcase products and features, you have the ability to do so creatively and express your company’s unique character. While your competitors provide boring, dry and lifeless pages of text to sift through, you provide humor and entertainment. And perhaps the best part of animated videos is the ability to convey information about your business in a way that anyone can easily understand it; from five years old to ninety.

OK, You Need Video Animation for Your Business, Now What?

Animation video, in particular, has achieved much success in product promotion and providing information while being entertaining enough to grab and hold consumers’ attention. Alright, you get it; video marketing has become pertinent to getting your information in front of a massive audience. So you decide you’d like to invest in an animated video for your business, but before you start, here are a few tips:


Video is versatile. Your animated video can (and should) live everywhere, including:
– On your website
– Social video sites i.e. Youtube, Vimeo
– In emails sent to clients
– On a big screen at a trade show
– On a computer during meetings
– On handheld devices such as tablets and smart phones

Video is a tool every company needs in the realm of online advertising. Video animation can be a huge boom to your business by allowing large amounts of information to be viewed and retained in a short amount of time.

Animated videos get a higher click-through rate compared to other marketing videos, in turn giving you an increased return on investment, leading to a potential 85% increase in sales.


To throw a snooze-fest—be imaginative. Using video animation to promote your business allows you to break through the boundaries of reality. The benefit of using animation over live action is the ability to create something that is unique, engaging, and high impact all while being within your budget.

To shoe-horn technical jargon and sales lingo into script. Your video should be entertaining and engaging. Use a storyline—introduce a problem (hit a hot-button issue) at the beginning and heroically provide the solution.

Power Point techniques. Avoid the urge to fill your video with text. Aim to entertain viewers with an eye-catching mix of moving imagery and sound. Use text only when necessary—highlight key points about your business but let the text flow with the overall design of animation.

If you’re looking to market your products or services online, your focus is on drawing people to your site while promoting your products. If you make sure the animated video for your business is educational, entertaining and informative, your online visitors will be likely to spread the word by sharing your video, and your site will experience a hefty boost in traffic.

To make a long article short, the reason you need video animation for your business is simply the fact that they lead to more views and more money. Online video has an infinite reach, widely distributing your content for a minimal investment. Technically speaking, it’s not the video your business needs, but the results that an animated video delivers.

+Jace Vernon