Scribble video marketing for search optimization is critical in any video campaign.


Getting the right title on a video can help users find a video better, help a video be more searchable, and help a video go viral. These 4 tips will help start the process to a successful title that is fully optimized for search.


To be on the top of YouTube and Google, it is extremely important to optimize the title of the video that is being produced, as well as making the title compelling to potential viewers. This is the first thing a viewer sees and searches for to get to a video. Here are various tips when choosing a successful title for a video:


Do Not Deceive: Make sure the title of the video aligns directly with the content of the video. If the title does not correspond with the content, viewers will likely click away from it. Let potential viewers know what the video is about, and don’t try to confuse them.


Do Experimenting Later: In publishing the first video of many, it is more important to develop a title that has more of an emotional response to viewers, as opposed to one that is used explicitly for keywords and rankings. Keep in mind that it is always possible to go back and re-title videos, so after a few days when subscribers have seen the videos, it is ok to go back and optimize the titles more for search results, experimenting to see what works best.


Do Take Advantage of Current Events: If there are videos that are older, one trick is to take advantage of current events, for example, during the fourth of July, if there is an older video pertaining to fireworks or something about that, it is good to go back and update the video to see if there can be another wave of views.


Do Not Use Long Titles: Even though there is room for 100 characters in a scribble video YouTube title, people will only see the first 50-60 characters when it shows up in searches. On Google, only 50 characters will be seen, and 55 characters in the YouTube search. Keep the main keywords towards the start of the title, and keep the title within the 50-60 character range.


+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen