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Explainer videos make a huge impact on any product or service. From a simple video made from home, to a complicated, well-edited creation, explainer videos can be made from virtually any location. We wanted to show you a couple of explainer videos that we produced.

Our goal is always to create awesome things, so here are a couple video I hope you will love.   The Zendesk video is fun and catchy.  The cool thing about their explainer video is they just used music to get their message across. I actually contacted them to get the name of the song they used, so that we could create a video like Zendesk, but in the whiteboard animation style.

Couple other Amazing Explainer Videos

Explainer Video company videos on YouTube are sometimes plain and unprofessional.

People do not take enough pride in making a great video. Just the other day on YouTube an 8 year old was teaching a video on how to use a couple of services in a piece of software. It was a great 4 minute explainer video, but for a professional business, this is not a well-suited mix.

For a professional business, Ydraw makes killer explainer videos for unbeatable prices, and our customer service is top-notch.  Videos of this caliber and detail make great additions to a business in helping optimize SEO Marketing, Internet Publicity, Website Traffic, and Consumer Word of Mouth.

Explaining a product complicated, and with plain informational text and pictures could leave people reading and re-reading, only to be confused even more by the end of the presentation.  

This is where Ydraw comes in.

Ydraw’s Goal:

“To create explainer videos that amaze audiences and leave them on the edge of their seats, explaining information in drawings that will be left in the mind of any viewer forever.”  


We do not settle for ordinary, and make sure every kink is worked out before launching our videos. Every explainer video tells its own unique story with original animation that is all carefully detailed and thought out. The correct way to impact consumers is to give Visual Learning Experiences to your audience. Compelling Messages, Pictures, Animation, Music, Action, Artwork, and Scripts all help the customer to remember and develop interest in a product.

Our job at Ydraw is to help better explain to customers what certain brands and organizations specialize in. We take complicated information and make it simple with drawings. In this online marketing age, new innovative businesses need a clear, simple, and concise explanation that is easily reachable through many search engines and online sources. Customers need to know how a product works, in a simple and easily-reachable manner. The more original and intricate the product, the more explanation it probably needs.

For Example: Different parts of the Healthcare Industry often times have complicated products that do specialized tasks, using a lot of wording that many might not understand. Ydraw makes it easier to explain products and impact the consumer, leaving lasting impressions.

Ydraw Going Mobile

Informational text reading from a cell phone is nearly impossible, and completely dull. The small words make it hard for any reader to concentrate and understand.  The amount of smartphones has PASSED the amount of computers being sold in this new age, and people are now spending more time on their phones looking up emails and doing daily tasks than on their computers. Unlike plain text, a great explainer video production can be easily viewed from any location, on any smart phone, computer, Ipad, Iphone, or other gadget that has an internet connection. The times are changing, and companies need to get with the change, FAST.

These Sample Explainer Videos are great example of our Revolutionary Video Marketing Concept on Explainer Videos. Prepare to be amazed. But be warned, Ydraw’s videos are not easily forgettable.


+Jace Vernon

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How To Create The Perfect Explainer Video.
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