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Our 1957 Vintage look. This should prove we are legit…or maybe not!

ydraw2011LOGO Whiteboard Animation Video Company

Here is the secret sauce. We hit both sides of the brain because the images show the story and the words tell it. Here is what others are saying about our animation videos.

Female Ydraw Testimonial Whiteboard Animation Video Company

We LOVE it!! Thank you so much Annie, and please pass my Thanks and praise to your team. We couldn’t be more pleased with it, and the changes are perfect. I am so excited!! Yay!!

Ydraw has been so awesome to work with; I’ve never worked with a more upbeat, willing to help, team of people. Everyone we worked with along the way made the process easy and enjoyable, and the talent your team has, is amazing!

JoAnne, Magic Sock
Male Ydraw Testimonial Whiteboard Animation Video Company

I have never seen anything Like Ydraw’s Work.  It is Amazing, Clear, and by far the best out there.  Trust me we have searched everywhere.

Justin , BlueSafe
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Wait you are not done yet. You have to see our 2D, 3D, Live, and Interactive Animation Videos.

If you are looking for something a little different we have got you covered. You have to work with us, because we definitely want to work with you.

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Since your message needs to be told we highly suggest you give us a call. We love talking on the phone with our customers, friends, and future clients. Call us at 801-685-8600 and ask any questions you would like. We are the best in whiteboard video, animation videos, and 3d animation videos. This means you will get the best video and you get to work with some great Copywriters, Storytellers and Artist that come from places like Disney.  We just want to create an amazing video that you will love. Ok, that is a big understatement. What we really want to do is create a video so great your Mother-in-Law will like you..:)

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Bluesafe whiteboard video case study Whiteboard Animation Video Company
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Amazon whiteboard Video Case Study Whiteboard Animation Video Company
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Good Morning to our friends at Ydraw,
We just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our video!  We truly couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out – it makes us smile every time we watch it.  Perhaps even more important was the awesome experience we had working with each and every one of you during the process.  You all have that great balance of having fun, yet being professional.  It was a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to make our next video with all of you wonderful people at Ydraw.
Have a great day!
Bayer Three 4 Whiteboard Animation Video Company Christina
The Ydraw Process Whiteboard Animation Video Company

Let The Journey Begin

To begin your Ydraw video, we first need to figure out what is best for your company. What length is best? What style will fit your needs? Together, we discuss the best options and come to terms. Once you've signed Ydraw's contract and made first half payment, the journey begins!

Whiteboard Video process Step Number one Whiteboard Animation Video Company
Whiteboard Animation process step two Whiteboard Animation Video Company

Creative Call, Script Writing, And Initial Storyboard

You have 5 seconds before 50% of your audience drops off. No worries, our experienced writers are trained to create an engaging whiteboard video script. If you have anything you would like to say, now is a good time to say it! Your ideas are welcome.

Art & Design. The Magic Starts!

Get excited because this is where the magic begins. After the script is created your project will move into the art design. You will choose your style and Ydraw will create the storyboard. Before your project goes into recording you will be able to see all of the artwork and make any desired corrections.

Whiteboard animation process step three Whiteboard Animation Video Company
Whiteboard Animation Process Step four Whiteboard Animation Video Company

La La La La Voice Over Recording

Your Voice Over Selection can not be taken lightly. We have chosen the absolute best talent in the industry. You can listen to the different selections once we give you access to the voiceover page.

Editing, The Final Frontier

You are almost done. The finish line is in view. All the work we have put in, up until this point, finally comes to fruition. George Lucas, Michael Angelo and Walt Disney would be proud. Your Animation Video is complete. Sweet dreams my friend...The world is now a better place. Share it with the world, on Youtube, your website and do not forget your mother. All moms love Ydraw videos!

whiteboard animation process step five Whiteboard Animation Video Company
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The time has come for you to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Lets talk about getting you an animation video. We can be reached at 801-685-8600. Or, if you’re shy, you can email us at

We work hard, we have a great office, and you should stop by sometime to see everyone. Our clients are some of the biggest companies in the world and it is great to work with them. You’re always welcome here!

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