The 411 on Social Media and Video Marketing

The 411 on Social Media and Video Marketing

This past week we shipped off two of our Project Managers (Kristen and Lexa) to Miami to teach Estheticians about how they can be using social media and video marketing to grow their business. Here’s a quick run down of what they shared!











WHY should you be using video in your marketing plan? And HOW should you be utilizing your social media?

Let’s start with video

Let’s be honest, people are lazy these days and don’t care to read a bunch of information. This is where video comes in. Getting them to click play is a much easier task, than getting them to read paragraphs of information. BUT there are things you need to consider when creating a video to use.

For example, our attention spans are down to a record low and we have 5 seconds, yep you heard me…5 SECONDS to grab our viewers attention. This means you SHOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE start with branding. You don’t need an opening title that has your logo, or anything like that. If you choose to do that, before you know it your 5 seconds have passed and your potential customer is long gone. Instead, you’ll want to jump into your subject right away.  Then proceed to EDUCATE your audience. More education, and less promotion. Try to focus your content on your CUSTOMERS needs. What do THEY want to see, and how can YOU help THEM. Solve their problems and they’re a customer for life. Try to stay away from only talking about your company, and how great you are. Your content should speak for itself.

Not sure where to start when it comes to implementing video? Here’s some advice.

Create a library of the following types of video:
1. 3 WHY Videos (1 minute each)
-Share WHY you are doing what you are doing
-Start with 3 60 second videos
2. 3 HOW Videos (1 minute each)
-Share educational videos
-Start with 3 60 second videos
3. 3 ALL TO ACTION Videos (1 minute each)
-Share promotional videos with a call to action at the end

Tip: Check out what your competitors are doing and then think like your customer…what would YOU want to see if you were them.

Okay, so you’ve created your video library, but now what?

RUN VIDEO AD CAMPAIGNS! This is an amazing tool that not enough people are taking advantage of. Through video ads you can get your video in front of your ideal client. This kind of marketing is genius. You can determine your audience by selecting the location, age group, gender, languages, demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. Now if we are being honest here (and we always are), anyone can set up an ad campaign but they require trial and error to determine how to best utilize them. If you have the budget, hire a professional (spoiler: that’s us, we are the professionals). They’ll be able to better track what is and isn’t working for you, so that they can adjust your campaigns.

Moving on to social media

When somebody comes to your page, it’s important that we immediately draw them in and give them a reason to click “follow”. You don’t want them to be confused about who or what they are following.

WHO: Who you are/company name.
WHAT: What you do. State the products/ services you offer.
CALL TO ACTION: Website, booking site, etc.
OFFER: Discount code, link to tutorial, etc.


Keep in mind what the goal is. We want to use social media to grow and showcase our business and what we have to offer. Don’t show your personal life, what your eating, etc. This doesn’t create value or give your follower a reason to stick around.

Other things you can be doing with your social media:
-Create a personalized hashtag to use on your posts
-Post on your story
-Share customer testimonials
-Create videos to share on IGTV
-Tell your customers/clients to share your product/service on their social media and offer them a discount for any referrals (People want social proof)
-Repost content that your customers/clients share
-Utilize your highlight stories (Share things here that answer your FAQs. This will help make it so you don’t have to answer the same questions all of the time
-Interact with others from your profile (reply to comments/questions you get, comment on other accounts, etc)
-If applicable, use influencers to help spread the word about your business

Other important factors:
-DO NOT post a bunch of stock images/graphics. Be creative and authentic with your posts.
-Produce content that sets you apart from your competitors.
-BE CONSISTENT: Whether its posting weekly or daily, make sure that your profile is up-to-date so people know you are serious about your business.


So the question of the day is what can YOU do to better your social media and video marketing game?

Animated Video – Google Display Business Trend Summary – Animated Video Strategy #3

Animated Video – Google Display Business Trend Summary – Animated Video Strategy #3

Animated videos by Ydraw are always up to date with the latest video strategies, tips, and tricks. Announcing strategy #3 for successful video campaigns.

Animated videos are trending in media and display networks, and Ydraw is the leading company for successful animated whiteboard. Always up to date with the latest news on successful video, Ydraw’s new strategy is analyzing and reporting the video and display trends.

Google Business Trend Summary – Analyzing and Reporting Video And Display Trends

According to Google’s Display Business Trends Report, from 2010-2011 many companies have developed an increase in presence on the internet, with growth of ad impressions with spending on ad exchanges growing from 58% to 72%.

animated video strategy 3

Animated Video is All Around the World

Content publishers are growing extremely fast from all parts of the world. The ad impression growth from a Google report stated that the US growth rate from 2010-2011 was at 24.7%, China at 10.5%, and Palau at an amazing 1106%, unbelievable!

Everyone is using their mobile phones these days, I know I have my whole life in my iPhone. As I expected, Google even seems to know I have been using my mobile phone more, growth in mobile usage has EXPLODED… increasing by 250% states a Google report, meaning it is crucial that all the media published for businesses should be accessible through mobile phones. People want to view videos in an accessible way.

And onto video, according to Google, video content monetization is now ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING segments in advertising.  In simpler terms, more and more companies are using video in their online strategies to generate revenue than ever before. Google says they are seeing a 175% increase in impressions ad videos, while the standard video player impressions seem to be phasing out. 51% of video ads on Google are between 15 to 30 seconds, with 36% over 30 seconds. Why might that 51% be? Because it is extremely hard to keep audience and their attention while watching a video! With animated whiteboard videos by Ydraw, reports show a 150% increase in dwell rate on videos, where most other videos lack. While standard videos get lower dwell rates, the average viewer of a Ydraw video is much higher than that compared to a regular animation video, as well as compared to a video with actual people in the video.

With viewers watching not only the first 30 seconds of your video like most videos these days according to Google, people will be more informed about your product or service, more inclined to learn more, and develop a deeper connection than with any other kind of video. AMAZING.

+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen