Video Script Writing: Another Form of Selling


Video Script Writing is nothing more than a power form of selling.  Lets not forget what we create videos for!  We want to win audiences over to our way of thinking.  When you have a product or service that the world needs, it is your job to convince them to buy your product or service. It’s up to you–nobody else will do it for you.


That’s it folks.  Ask yourself this question: “Are you getting the results you want from your marketing videos?”

Today while reading a couple articles about politics I began to think about the candidates. None of them are performing very well and it is my opinion that the reason is because they aren’t persuading the American people they are the right ones for the job.  There is just no vision, no dream and definitely no real convincing power.  They are so worried about bashing each other that they have forgotten how to persuade.  Are you getting this?  You can avoid making the same mistakes.

This last week I had the chance to go down to the 7 Speaking Empire Event in Florida.  It was great and I really enjoyed the presentations.  Everyone who got up on that stage had a way of expressing their hopes and dreams.  They inspired the audience to take action.  Not only did they inspire people to action, they did it in a positive, optimistic way.  One particular presentation was given by Ted Thomas on Trial Closes.  Here is a great quote by Ted:

“Most people are like automobiles. They can be pushed or pulled along or they can be moved to take action by starting their own motion from within. In either case, you must provide the fuel. And the only fuel that will start this sort of action from within you or anyone is “DESIRE!” Arousing desire in your listeners is known as the gentle art of exercising persuasion.”

Lest we forget that our job as video producers is to persuade, convince, and motivate people into action.  We do that by implanting a desire.  So how do we do this quickly and effectively?  By planting seeds all through our conversation and presentation.  This can really make a difference in your life!

+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen