Whiteboard Animation Videos Enhance Webpages


Whiteboard Animation videos enhance web videos and web pages in a way never imagined possible. They are inspirational and inspiring videos that create magic. Whiteboard animation (also known as video scribing)  is a visual element that nowadays one cannot afford to be without. This method is particularly for videos that explain something, but can be incorporated into other videos as well to enhance, inform, and inspire.

The color is taken from the traditional method of video and replaced with a majestic animation that is alluring and intriguing. This turns a typical video into a work of art in its own right. It truly is a fascinating way to promote your products or services.

The process is not an easy one. Creating something so complex like whiteboard animation videos takes skill, experience, and talent. This is where the professionals who are trained in this method of video come in. They will enhance a video beyond one’s wildest imaginations and expectations. The professionals working with Ydraw believe in going above and beyond to please their clients.


Taking an ordinary script or business video format, Ydraw makes it spectacular.

People want to watch it, and in todays online world that will take a company much farther than a video that is not compelling to watch. A traditional video will most likely not be viewed all the way through; where as enhanced videos are almost always viewed from beginning to end.

This is a tool that every company needs in the competitive world of video advertising. It is almost a language unto itself. It is what some call knowledge suppression. This simply means that large amounts of informational content come through in very short time frames.

The engaging videos will get the attention of target audiences with ease. It will also add a certain prestige, value, and creditability to a business. Getting a free consultation is easy, just call or email Ydraw today.

Thinking of doing anything from a new app, an investing opportunity, a business model , educational lessons, or anything similar? Ydraw, the skilled company that produces amazing whiteboard animation videos,  can help  with visual pieces of art that will set one apart from others.

+Jace Vernon

Alecsy Christensen