Whiteboard Animation Video Difference from Animation Videos


Is There a Difference Between An Animation Video and a Whiteboard Animation Video?

Many people have been following the trend of using animation video or whiteboard animation video as a marketing tool, and they know that it is a trend that really shows great results.  Not only is it a way to generate interest, the conversion rate seems to be quite high.  If considering using some sort of animation video in a marketing campaign, one may want to know what some of the differences are.


Types of Animated Video

There are basically three types of animation video that seem to be in use.  First, the basic animated video is where a script is written and video images are designed and then animated.  It works much the same way as a cartoon.  Next, there is claymation animation, which is where clay is formed into shapes and camera shots are taken between movements.  This is sometimes referred to as stop-motion animation.  Finally, there is the whiteboard animation video, where viewers actually see the hand of the artist as characters and words are being drawn on a whiteboard.


Differences Between Video Types

Both the claymation and the animation videos are extremely time consuming to create, which can make them more expensive.  Each frame of action is drawn in animation videos before it can be put together to form motion.  The clay must be manipulated and individual frame shots taken for each small movement before it can be put together.  These are very time-intensive operations.

With the whiteboard animation video, the video starts with a story just like in the other styles, but the video is taken in a stream rather than frame by frame so it can be easily edited. The lines are clean and crisp, and the actual product is very flexible and easy to modify if changes need to be made.  The video is then edited with video production software to speed up the movement.  In many ways, this gives production much more flexibility than the other types of animation because it can be edited at will.  It also tends to be less expensive than the other options.


Alecsy Christensen