3 Steps to Creating a Perfect Whiteboard Animation Script

When creating a whiteboard animation script there are a few things to keep in mind.
1. Your whiteboard animation message.
2. Stories create the most buzz.
3. Humor always helps in whiteboard animations.

Your Whiteboard Animation Message

Often times companies get caught up in the excitement of creating a whiteboard animation video that they forget the actual message that needs to be delivered to the audience.  Although whiteboard animation videos are exciting they need to convey a message.  We want the audience to learn and take action.  Your message is important and the last thing you want is your audience walking away without knowing your message.  You can watch a couple of video scribing videos and whiteboard animation videos on YouTube to identify which videos got caught up in the process and which videos get their message out.  This leads us to step number two.

Whiteboard Animation Stories Create the Most Buzz

Once you have identified your message and key point, your next step is to create the storyline.  Creating a story instead of presenting simple facts and information takes a bit of work.  You have to dig deep, connect with your creative side, and let that side come out.  Stories keep the audience engaged much longer and are easy to remember.  With whiteboard animation, pictures, and a creative story your message will take on a whole new meaning and will capture attention.

Humor always helps in Whiteboard Animation

The world needs more humor.  When creating your whiteboard animation video you have to use humor.  Yes, there are some topics that must be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add any a little humor.  We all need to lighten up a bit.  Humor reduces stress, improves our immune system and aids us in overcoming fear.  If you’re selling a new product, humor will help those who are afraid to try new things. Overall, using humor can break potential barriers and is a better way to go.

Here is a good quick example of a whiteboard animation script: (forgive errors where this was quickly put together).

Joe and Jane have the perfect marriage. Well, almost perfect. They work for competing mortgage firms and the rivalry can be intense. One day Joe laughingly proposes a contest to see who can process a mortgage faster. He doesn’t expect Jane to accept the challenge because Joe is Mr. Tireless, driven to win and never stops until the task is completed.  Jane enjoys her work, but the arrival of their new baby has slowed her down a little and has somewhat put business on the back burner. Despite all this, Jane surprises Joe with her response: “Winner does the other one’s chores for a month?”.

In short, make sure you have a clear and solid message, stories and humor to help make your script perfect.

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3 Steps to Creating a Perfect Whiteboard Animation Script