YouTube vs. Other Video Hosting Sites // the Good and the Bad


When you think of online video hosting, the first site that comes to mind is YouTube – and this also applies to the 80% of Americans with internet access. If you have a whiteboard animated video for your business that you want the world to see, uploading it to YouTube should be your first move. However, what exactly are you getting into by letting YouTube host your video, and are there any other viable online video hosting options? Here’s a list of YouTube’s good and bad, followed next time by a list of several video hosting sites that deserve a second look:

The Good:

  • Free! This is perhaps YouTube’s greatest quality – all you need are a username and password and you can upload as many videos as your little heart desires
  • YouTube provides batch uploading and multiple encoding options
  • Users can upload videos up to 15 minutes long and accepts file sizes up to 2GB
  • YouTube has one of the largest viewerships on the internet and the largest audience of any video site
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, and because it’s owned by Google, all of its content is indexed into Google’s search engine
  • YouTube has a social nature which makes it great for sharing across major social networks and embedding into websites alike
  • Though limited, there are customization options for your video player and channel design
  • There are several SEO features, and you can add a link to your website in the description section
  • You can search for trending keywords and optimize your videos for them
  • Resolution on Youtube can be up to 1080p or higher, which is generously high video quality for a free site
  • Embedding your video is easy with customizable player dimensions. YouTube also allows embedding of entire playlists or channels

The Bad:

  • During times of high traffic, viewers may experience inconsistent streaming which can lead to video abandonment
  • Though there are customization options, they are limited to your programming knowledge
  • YouTube limits your thumbnail choices to three random images
  • Many companies and schools block internet users from browsing YouTube, restricting them from viewing your services
  • If your video or its thumbnail image shows up in Google’s search results there’s no guarantee they will be for your own domain
  • You can’t use your own ad network, and sometimes the advertisements featured on your video can be for a competitor – when it comes to ads, YouTube has the only say
  • There is virtually no customer service – often questions or requests will not be answered or you will only receive non-specific generated answers
  • Their user guidelines are arbitrary at best and difficult to dispute, and YouTube has the right to shut down your account at any time for any purpose


Though YouTube has its setbacks, it is still the #1 most recommended video hosting site. You just can’t beat free, even with several restrictions. However, if you’re on the search for the perfect video hosting site and YouTube doesn’t meet your requirements, check back  for a list of the next top video hosting options.

+Jessica Anderson

Jace Vernon

Business Owner, Speaker, and Consultant at Ydraw and Yinc Marketing
I was raised in a small farm town in Utah. Where my parents, gave me an excellent start in my life. We learned to work, and I acquired a lot of skills.

At age 19 I was shipped off to a little country in Central America called El Salvador. There I learned about sowing and reaping and picked up a few more skills that have helped me in business. Came home Graduated with a Masters Degree in Business. Got married and started my 2nd business. (my first being a window washing company.)

I would generate leads and customers by cold calling every morning, and I would often go out and knock doors to let people know about my service. It was a great time because I didn’t know any better. Nothing is more powerful than a young, ambitious, naive entrepreneur. I was worth about 6 million, but shortly after that, I was broke. Lost it all at age 28. It was then I realized I had messed up and needed some more education, some better ideas and ultimately a better philosophy.

The next year I spent hours at Barnes and Noble. I read 150 business books, which gave me more skills and a better life philosophy. I launched a couple of other companies, which one did about 4 million in just a couple of months. It was about that time when I came upon a Whiteboard Videos on Youtube.

The rest is history.

Online video marketing became my skill set.
Jace Vernon