Google has never been a fan of black hat SEO and that was made clear with the new Penguin 2.0 update. Their focus has changed to content and determining experts in each field. When the update rolled out we stayed strong in some areas of our SEO but were hurt in others. This caused us to rethink our marketing strategy as a whole. It’s no secret that Google loves great content and real backlinks so we decided to find a way to get both. Infographics have been a huge boost to SEO; they carry much more weight than a simple text blog but still not as much weight as video. We’ve landed backlinks by adding a source link to infographics and providing the option to embed them on your site. We decided to see if it was possible to land similar backlinks with video. Essentially, we are giving people the option to embed our video, with a source link attached to it. Okay, so now you understand the concept, but how are you going to convince someone to embed your video?

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Leverage Video for Backlinks

If you’ve had some success with a video being shared on social platforms you know that sharable content can be a huge boost for your company; but there is no science to viral content. You might as well be rolling a 20 sided die, trying to hit your lucky number. If there was step by step process everyone would have discovered it by now. In the Ted Talk, Human BehaviorMeasuring Emotions to Improve Effectiveness of Online Video Ads, we are taught that people will share videos that make them look good. That can mean a number of things – some may want to look like experts, entertain their friends, or appear to be up-to-date on cutting edge technology. Keep this in mind when you are creating your content. However, the target changes slightly when you are looking to get your video embedded. People will share content on social platforms that make them look good, but they’ll only embed a video that is directly applicable to your audience. Your video needs to have the elements of a viral video and be beneficial enough for a blogger to pick it up and write about it, knowing it’s going to benefit their audience. You need to make your video blog worthy. The video needs to instruct, educate, and entertain a specific audience. Think to yourself, why would someone do a write up on this video? What can I offer that is beneficial to large audience in my industry? Would I blog about this?

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