Demographic reach of video – almost everyone views, but who views most?

Video marketing is great for everyone, but it is especially appealing to the young adult (under 35) demographic. Roughly 70% of consumers aged 18-30 are regular online video viewers. That’s a large percentage, and here are three reasons why this stat is totes good news for your business, brah:



1. Fantastic Plastic

Young people usually don’t have a lot of money, but they also don’t have anyone to tell them how or how not to spend it – and even if they did, they don’t really have to listen, do they? This means you’ve got a better shot at coaxing them to give you their money than you do an elderly senior who has scrimped and saved his or her whole life just for a comfortable retirement.


2.  Full-On Addiction

While some seniors are having conniptions over how to work them darn smart telephones and computer boxes, young people have them permanently embedded into their palms. Young adults are so passionate about technology that they’ll wear it as eyeglasses – they can watch your marketing video as they walk right into a streetlamp pole.


3. In a Way, Ingenuitive

Young people are lazy (wait a minute now, hold your britches); they’re also smart. If, while browsing YouTube at the office, they find there is a product out there that will make their lives easier – they’ll usually buy it – freeing up more time to watch more video work on meeting that deadline.


This post may over-glamorize the gullibility of young adults and their eagerness to spend – but the main points are these: this demographic watches video, and they watch it often. If they have money, they’re usually looking to spend it. They’re basically carrying around a mobile advertising device everywhere they go. If you don’t have a marketing video yet – dude, what’s your deal? YOLO (your onlookers live online)!


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Hold on… don’t go dismissing the middle-aged and the old-timers, there is research that suggests they make up a pretty significant chunk in Youtube views, too. Stay tuned – more on that subject to come.


+Jessica Anderson would like you to know she does not use the terms “totes,” “brah,” and “yolo” on a regular basis.