Video Scribing Video Requirements for Creation


Video scribing videos are a great internet marketing trend, and the steps to creating a successful one are complicated. This explains some of the basic steps to make a strategy for video scribing success.


Savvy to trends in internet marketing, some may wonder how to make a whiteboard animation video. If one is creative and has some experience with making videos and doing editing, one can learn how to make a whiteboard animation video.


Write a Script

The script is the foundation of the video. The person needs to know what to say and how to say it in a way that will grab the viewer’s attention. Everything that is drawn on the whiteboard goes to the script, so this step is of utmost importance.


Creating a Video Scribing Storyboard

A storyboard is basically a set of pictures that are roughly drawn to go with the script. This is where an artist and a lot of creativity is needed. Interesting pictures that will follow the script well and get across the ideas in an interesting way are also needed.


Record the Voice for the Original Video Scribing Video

Recording the voice that is reading the script is the next step. Knowing how long it takes the voice to say the different things is important so that it can be edited to the video to match. While anyone could read the script, a professional voice is usually much more powerful and interesting to listen to than someone who is not trained for this sort of thing.


Video the Artist in their Video Scribing Process

The artist will follow the storyboard and create the layout as someone videos the entire process. An excellent camera and the right kind of light is needed if one is planning on doing this part individually. If the artist makes a mistake, one can either back up are redo it or one can simply go on and have it edited out.


Final Video Scribing Production

The video must now be edited and sped up so that it matches the voice recording. Using a professional editing team can help this process go smoothly so that everything is properly blended and mixed.


By following these steps a person can now know how to make a whiteboard animation video. For a professional and clean video scribing video, visit Ydraw who offers all of these services in a great package deal that is hard to beat by any other video scribing company.