Video Online Marketing | New B2B Marketing Success Tips

Whether it be a software company or an education company, people buying new products for their industry research online. One of the popular resources to online marketing is through searching and watching YouTube videos.

video online marketing

video online marketing

According to the founder of ReelSEO Mark Robertson,


47% of IT professionals watch YouTube videos to research technology solutions.


This number is increasing as more professionals find the benefits of watching online videos and learning about intricate information like new softwares and management systems.

Once a company has developed a B2B video explaining their business or services, it is important to post the video in a wide range of places in the online world for optimal video online marketing. Some popular places to post are YouTube, Ydraw (we now offer services to host videos), Facebook, Twitter, Google+, in as many places as possible. This will guarantee the best results when trying to reach a wide online audience.


What is the difference between B2B and B2C video online marketing?

Many researchers believe it is the way in which the marketing strategy focus is slightly shifted. One must remember that businesses are made up of consumers, people who are thinking in terms of bettering their business, developing their brand, and increasing their revenue. If video online marketing strategies are shifted to focus on looking at businesses like a group of consumers interested in bettering their company, one can get into the right mindset to engage the right audience.

But don’t forget the number 1 tip for successful B2B video online marketing… dedicating time to implementing marketing strategies. Creating, maintaining, engaging, optimizing, entertaining, and releasing online video takes valuable time, one cannot expect to see results in a mere day of work. These strategies take time to develop, and it is critical that attention to detail is used. Prioritize and conquer.


+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen