What is Whiteboard Animation?

A Whiteboard Animation Video is a creative way to actively present information by recording the live whiteboard drawing process of an artist at work.

Keeping audiences mesmerized by the process of a piece of artwork coming to life, even the most dull information can be turned into an exciting presentation. YDraw works to create the cleanest and most eye-catching videos and presentations on the market.

What makes whiteboard animation videos better than regular video presentations?

Everyone wants to be brought back to that childhood innocence again. Bringing cartoon animation back into the lives of adults, a person of any age can be blanketed by that “Schoolhouse Rock” or “Magic School Bus” educational feel in a more professional, businesslike manner. Whiteboard Animation Videos are the new educational cartoon for adults. The learning curve all businesses have been waiting for.

These Whiteboard Animation Video presentations are immediately memorized by any viewer, and are certain to be talked about, tagged, liked, blogged, googled, and spread through every inch of video marketing and education. Businesses are always looking for some outrageous way to get attention, for the new and never-before-seen marketing tip.

From competitors of the creative minds that came up with the Geico video marketing edge, to those that made Doritos commercials so popular, Whiteboard Animation Videos are the new video marketing breakthrough, a revolutionary way of learning. Join YDraw in the competition for top-notch, knockout presentations and videos.

YDraw Introduces a New Way of Video Marketing

There is no better way to spread the word about a business or company than making a great Video Scribing video. We have amazing examples of how to keep Whiteboard Animation videos sweet, simple, exciting, and compelling. Join the rest of the growing businesses who are ahead of the game and already catching onto the new trend. Get started and create your amazing Whiteboard Animation video today.

Alecsy Christensen, YDraw