Video Scribing Inception

Video Scribing is nothing more than a powerful inception. It’s the beginning, an undertaking, or a commencement of an Idea..  It is what Ydraw Videos are about.   Implanting an idea into someone’s head to get them to act.  We use action, images, sounds, and fast movement to implant ideas and thoughts that eventually turn into decisions.  Inception is the first step in persuading others.

The Eyes Have It

It takes something a little more powerful than just words on a page. We human beings remember 20 percent of what we hear, 30 percent of what we see, but 50 percent of what we both see and hear.  Obviously your communication impact nearly triples when using video scribing.  Information that is visually illustrated and communicated has a dramatic and direct impact on the brain.  The largest part of the brain is set aside for the things we see.  So if you ignore the ultimate power of images and fail to stimulate the brain, game over.  The idea does not get implanted.

7 steps to Video Marketing

When creating a video it is important to communicate more information with more impact and have it all look professional.  Here are some simple steps

1.  Keep it Simple

We all have heard the saying that, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  It is not that easy to keep things simple.  Most videos say too much!

2.  Keep it Moving

Keep the audience engaged by anticipation and action.  Keep them guessing!

3.  Keep it Amazing

Be creative and make sure you video is amazing, different and mesmerizing.

4.  Keep a Story

Always use a story.  We all love story time!

5.  Keep it About Them

“Maturity is when all of your mirrors turn into windows.” Stop talking about you and your company and start focusing on fixing your audiences problems.

6.  Keep the Humor

Humor is always a great way to make people watch your video.  It increases interest and retention.

7.  Keep the Control

Don’t ever let your audience take control.  When the video is playing you need to keep them anticipating until the final offer, where you ask them to act.

There you have it.  Good luck with Video Scribing Inception.

+Jace Vernon