Explainer Videos are everywhere and the time is now!

The reality is online video is growing and you can practically find it everywhere these days but it still amazes me that some businesses  have yet to adopt the power of Video.  Video can be used for TV commercials, youtube ads, tutorials, demo videos, how-to, explainer videos etc.

Last week at Ydraw we had one of our best weeks ever as far as video sales.  It is great to see businesses jumping in with both feet.  The fact is, the number one focus for content marketing in 2013 should be on Video.  Check out these video infographs:

One Line Video Infographic

A well organized video content marketing campaign can go a long way.  Here are 5 steps you should consider when creating a video.

1.  Get Creative:  Do not produce boring videos.  Take the extra time needed to be creative.

2.  Educate:  It is always a good thing to give your audience something of value.  Educate and entertain them.

3.  Know Your Target Audience: This is simple do not create a video that talks about dead cats when you are marketing to PETA

4.  Hire Professionals:  For the amount of time it takes to create a great video you would be better off hiring professionals instead of wasting weeks on trying to figure it out.   There is no need to break the bank either.  There are video companies all over the place looking for work.

5. Have Fun: Some of the most popular online videos are full of humor. They have the best chance of putting your company on the map.

Here is another explainer video infograph.  I learn by pictures so I really like to post these!

Why you need video

Once you have a video it is now time to blast it out there.  Use all the free video hosting sites you can find.  Ok, not really, just take the top 5 or so. I like YouTube, Vimeo, Break, and Metacafe.  Make sure you put the right keywords in the title and the description.  Obviously YouTube is the unquestionable master in the video world so they will start to pop up first.  Once you have uploaded, you share it through all your different social media avenues.

+Jace Vernon