How to Market Your New Animation Video

Ok so you have your new video or you have a video and you need to know how to get it out to the markets. Well, you’re not alone.  Video Marketing is not an easy task, but it is critical to your success.


I am going to try and make this article as simple as possible and give you steps to get your video out there.  You can always go more complicated, but that topic is for another day.  Lets start with the reason why!

Reason why you want to market your new animation video


Both B2C and B2B marketers are confused and searching to discover the new ways to convert visitors to prospects and prospects to customers, and video is a key component.

Why Video?

  • Online video adoption soars
  • 50% of Internet traffic this year will be video
  • 4 billion daily views on YouTube, 2.5 days worth of video uploaded every minute
  • 75% of C-Suite executives surveyed said they watch work-related online video on business-related websites at least weekly
  • 183 million U.S. Internet users watched online video content in December 2011 for an average of 20 hours per viewer
  • On Google, an indexed video stands a 50X greater chance of ranking on the first results page than any textual page
  • 24 Million U.S. smartphone users are currently watching online videos on their mobile device at least monthly

How to Marketing Your Video

1.  Put your Video on Youtube, Vimeo and the other video sites out there.  There are about 100, so take some of the top ones.  Here is a simple list:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Veoh
  • Google Video
  • Metacafe
              Make sure your keywords and description are filled out correctly and match with your target keywords.
2.  Create a press release for you video. You can pay for a press release or use a free one.
3.  Create a blog post around your video.
4.  Create a linking wheel around your blog post.
5.  Post video to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.
6.  Shoot out an email to your customers, future customers, friends, and family.
There you have it.  Simple Right?