Explainer Videos Your Key to Unlocking Success

Explainer Videos Your Key to Unlocking Success


Explainer Videos Your Key to Unlocking Success

Explainer videos are an indispensable ingredient in presenting your brand or organization. Whether you’re a start-up company, a big name corporation, or a non-profit organization, explainer videos are extremely useful in getting your point across.

The intention of an explainer video is to inform viewers of an idea or to explain what your product or service does.

We all know it can be hard to capture attention with dense writing, so these videos are usually fun, simplistic, upbeat and are about 2-3 minutes long.

Explainer videos are simple, easy, affordable and effective.

The entertaining nature of an explainer video makes it easier for viewers to retain the information.

According to the Global Video Index of 2015, research shows that people are likely to only remember 10% of any information they hear. Yet if paired with a relevant image, they retain 65% of that same information 3 days later.

Also, a recent survey by Video Rascal shows that 85% of people are more likely the purchase a product once they view a correlating explainer video.

These are just two statistics of mounting research supporting their relevance.

Explainer videos are eye-catching, especially when found on the landing page of a website. They grab the attention of site visitors as well as Google.

Adding a video to your website increases your ranking with Google, which in turn can bring more traffic to your site. Oftentimes when a consumer seeks out to understand something new, they’ve already made the decision to purchase it.

Don’t end up scaring away potential new customers with too much text!

Reading a few paragraphs can be boring and is often skipped over for the more comfortable choice of watching a video.

More and more companies are choosing explainer videos as their elevator pitch. Some of these videos are even going viral.

While there is no proven formula to get a video to go viral, you definitely can’t achieve viral status without a video.

You’ve probably seen the Dollar Shave Club’s controversial explainer video about how – ahem – great their blades are. Currently, their video has almost 22 million views.

That is a great example of an entertaining and very memorable (to say the least) video that has been shared over all platforms of social media.

These videos are a great way to help your fans and future fans to evangelize you. Help them share your glory! Give them the content worthy of being spread to the masses and to the furthest corners of the earth.

Word of mouth advertising spreads much easier these days, so what better way to inspire your faithful followers than by giving them the exact content you want them to share?

Creating the actual content for your explainer video is up to you. Take time to really think about what you want to say, and put yourself on the other side of the screen as you write your script.

There are unlimited ways to portray your message, but remember–the simpler the better. The goal of an explainer video is to get your point across and have the viewer remember your message.

So use your imagination, have fun, and boost your online presence!

Unlock success with explainer videos today.

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Explainer Video Stats that Count

Why Your Explainer Video Stats Matter

I love video stats and I especially love the platform that Ydraw offers to see those stats.  They matter and each video you launch should be placed on a platform that you can monitor and see what is going on with your viewers.  Lets take a look at a recent video we launched and then we can jump into the stats.

Explainer Video States

According to most recent studies, 25% of online video users will leave your video in the first 10 seconds or less.  That is a lot and I think it is going up as attention spans dissipate.  Every video we have posted, no matter how engaging, gets that initial Drop Off.  As Sting would say “That is Just The Way It Is.”

By 30 seconds into an explainer video up to 40% of viewers have checked out and at 1 minute 49% have vanished.  It’s a mystery really and our job is to find a way to improve those numbers.  You can see by the graph above that the new video we launched  is pretty engaging.  It does gets that initial drop off.  The nice thing about Video Scribing is that we can hang onto viewers a lot longer.  When we launched the Mitt Romney video it was amazing to see how many people would hang on for a 7 minute long video.  We tested it on YouTube and we have found that the longer the video the better our stats became compared to the average.

Now back to the stats. Most videos have a 40% drop in viewers we have a 25% drop.  If you get a lot of traffic that can mean a lot of money/conversions.  Now lets take a look at the next stat.  This is a fun one!

Explainer Video Heat Map

This stat really lets you see what you viewers are doing when they watch your video.  You can see where they clicked off, where they watched it twice or if they completed the video all the way through.  As you can see this explainer video creates some amazing results.  Almost all the viewers are making it to the end of the video.  Once we get that initial drop off the majority of our viewers hang on.

Pay attention to your Explainer Video Stats.  They do matter.

If you have any question please let us know.  Ydraw creates the some amazing Video Scribing Videos that are guaranteed to help your stats.

+Jace Vernon