Super Bowl Ads: Do They Pay Off?

Super Bowl Ads: Do They Pay Off?

Companies are spending millions to have a mere 30 second commercial on live TV during the Super Bowl.

For most businesses, that is a lot of money to be spending for a 30 second spot. Do they really pay off, or are they nothing but waste of precious resources? Ydraw is here to look at whether or not these ads are good advertisements to base our video scribing videos on.

Why is it that Apple and Google are not marketing commercials durng the Super Bowl, but companies like Chrystler who are struggling for money are? Do Super Bowl commercials pay for themselves at the end of the day? If they do work, the next question would have to be: Who are the marketing companies behind these awful TV ads?

Lets take a look…

The Consumer Mind:

1. What keeps consumers awake at night, indigestion boiling up their esophagus, eyes open, starting at the ceiling?
2. What are consumers afraid of, angry about, who are they angry at?
3. What are consumer’s top 3 daily frustrations?
4. What trends are occurring–and will occur–in a consumer businesses or lives?
5. What do consumers secretly desire most?
6. Is there a built-in bias to the way consumers make decisions? (For example engineers tend to be exceptionally analytic)
7. Do these specific consumers have their own language?
8. Who else is selling something similar?
9. Who else has tried to sell something similar and how?

Components of a Great Ad:

1. Providing a Single Message
2. Having a Catchy Phrase or Jingle
3. Featuring Memorable Characters
4. Using Consistent Design Elements throughout the Ad
5. Work to build up an Emotional Response to viewers

Super Bowl Commercials: The Good and the Bad

The Coke Commercial: Polar Bears and Coca Cola are not a new thing. In this commercial, there could have been so many more fun and exciting ways to promote Coke. Viewers are tired of keeping up with the polar bear story, they want to see something new. They want to see how Coke will make their lives better, why they need to have it, and how it is better than competitors.


The Career Builder Commercial: This is one Super Bowl Commercial that is a great example of an ad that applied to people. Viewers can relate to this commercial because many people feel like they literally work with monkeys. Frustration with business coworkers is a big part of any person’s life, and to be able to minimize that frustration would be a desire of most. This commercial was strategically made to apply to consumers emotionally in a creative way.


The Audi Commercial: Introducing their new headlights, Audi comes up with a creative Vampire commercial. But is any consumer really concerned about their headlights? Consumers want to see the luxury of the vehicle, the way it can make their lives better, not the way an Audi can destroy all of their friends. Does this commercial make someone want to buy an Audi? If a person was truly interest in buying an Audi, would they be compelled to do so by this commercial?


The Chevy Commercial: This apocalypse commercial, though it was extremely creative, did not appeal to the customer. Customers want to see the features of a Chevy, what is great about it, what is new and improved about it, what is going to make life easier. Their “Built to Last” phrase is a great phrase, but viewers want more of that. They want to see amazing pictures of awesome looking trucks.


What questions of “The Consumer Mind” do each of these commercials need to work on? What are these commercials doing well?
What “Components of a Great Ad” do each of these commercials have? What do they lack?

Commercials used in the Super Bowl can be extremely impacting, but how can they have more impact? How can they be even more beneficial to companies that are paying big bucks for benefit? How can they help Ydraw with their video scribing?


Please share thoughts and add comments, whats a great strategy to make a commercial amazing? Are these good tips and tricks for a video scribing video?

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie” Whiteboard Animation Video Launched

ESPN “Numbers Never Lie” Whiteboard Animation Video Launched

The ESPN Whiteboard Animation commercial confirms the popularity of Video Scribing

Whiteboard animation is becoming increasingly popular in business advertising strategies. As seen on a recent ESPN Super Bowl commercial by “Numbers Never Lie,” video scribing is the new face of compelling news. What makes video scribing so great? How do they do it?


The Super Bowl’s popularity makes it perfect for picking up the best advertising strategies. “Numbers Never Lie” had a great commercial using whiteboard animation that is so new, many people have never heard of it before. It can also be named as video scribing, fast hand drawing, sketch cartoon video, and by many other combinations of names, because it is such a new discovery.


What is a Video Scribing or a Whiteboard Animation Commercial?

Video Scribing or Whiteboard Animation (As seen on the ESPN Super Bowl’s “Numbers Never Lie” Commercial) consists of a hand drawn video that takes the viewer through the process of the drawing and creation of an artist’s work in fast time. Each Video Scribing Company has different ways of drawing and making their videos work.


What makes an Amazing Video Scribing or Whiteboard Animation Commercial?

There are many details that go into a great Whiteboard Animation Video.  Anyone can see how companies differ from precision and artistry. There are a lot of great companies who create video scribing videos.  As with any video, it takes good lighting, a great artist, a great storyboard and great editors.  It is not an easy thing to do that is what makes them so unique.
Ydraw encourages anyone to leave a comment, the feedback would be much appreciated to make Video Scribing even more enticing.  We are always looking for ways to improve our craft.  If anyone has ideas or questions please let us know.