Doodle Video PulseMob Released by Ydraw

Doodle Video PulseMob Released by Ydraw

A new doodle video for PulseMob was released this past week, and could most likely be one of Ydraw’s best marketing videos to this day. This three and a half minute video is both exciting to watch and effectively explains PulseMob’s business plan in extreme detail.

Doodle Video Cartoon Animation

The animation in Ydraw’s new doodle video is detailed, clean, and head-turning. Watch as characters come to life in a comic strip world, it’s mesmerizing. Ydraw continues to create videos that inspire, coming up with new story lines and ideas that leave a lasting impression with any viewer.

Quality Visuals and Voice-overs

All of Ydraw’s doodled videos use professional voice-overs and high-quality background music choices that result in a trendy professional video that gives featured companies an added value in the business world. Carefully chosen artists, including former Disney artists, are chosen specifically for each different doodle video that is produced by Ydraw.  This allows each video to be created in the best style for a company’s product or service.

Increased Search Engine Optimization

Ydraw gives valuable information to companies on how to search engine optimize each doodle video, including articles, videos, brochures, and more so each client is sure to get the best return on investment. They are especially concerned with customer satisfaction, and giving companies the best possible option when it comes to video marketing strategies. The relationship with each client is important to Ydraw, and they will work with each client until everyone is satisfied with the final result.

Ydraw is a video company specializing in doodle videos, also known as video scribing videos, script videos, or whiteboard animation videos. This new video marketing strategy, which has been increasing in popularity, is creating a buzz with small businesses and big corporations who want to get the best marketing strategy available today.