Personal Injury Attorney Video

Personal Injury Attorney Video

Perfect Online Marketing Video for Attorneys

Most attorneys will spend large amount of money on billboards, websites, phone book ads and more, but they do not have to.  Video scribing is a better way.  A custom online marketing video for your law firm will produce quicker and better results.  Instead of purchasing that large billboard sign, create a video that will get you real results.  Your customized video will stand out from other attorneys.  Not only will you stand out but you will convert more clients.

Take a look below at the attorney video we produced for Buckfire and Buckfire an attorney firm out of Michigan.  They wanted a video that would set them apart and that is what they got!  Their testimony below will prove their satisfaction.  Marketing videos for attorneys are not the easiest thing to create because they are dealing with serious issues.  This attorney video did a great job and has produced some great results.


Buckfire & Buckfire to Ydraw

My law firm was looking for a new and interesting way to present a video on our website to capture the attention of visitors and increase our client conversions.  I had read quite a bit about video scribing and thought it would be an innovative way to accomplish my goal. After researching several companies on the internet, I chose to work with Ydraw.  Their videos were both interesting and compelling.

The Ydraw team was exceptional from start to finish.  They worked with me to come up with our concept and then provided an excellent script.  The process went quickly and smoothly and all of my requests for changes and modifications were promptly made.  Once the artwork was completed,  I was provided with a number of samples for both voiceovers and background music.  Our final product has drawn rave reviews from family, friends, clients and others in the advertising industry.  I would highly recommend Ydraw to anyone considering a whiteboard video or video scribing project.  Their design team is extremely creative and their product work is very detailed and professional.  Best of all, the project was completed on schedule and at the budget.     

Larry Buckfire,  Buckfire & Buckfire PC