Sketch Video:  Another Keyword to Focus on!

It is rather funny to see how many different words people use for Ydraw Videos.  Let me give you a short list, whiteboard animation videos, sketch videos, scribble videos, fast hand videos, graphic facilitation videos, video scribing videos, color videos, hand drawn videos etc….  There are so many different name and each week I seem to get another one.  That presents a little problem for our marketing team.  Which keyword do they focus on first and is it the best one? If you do not know what a sketch video is, check this out.

Finding the Right Keyword


Step one is find out which Keywords have the most searches.  You can use the keyword tool provided by Google, its free and is very useful for any business.  Google actually provides a lot of free tools when it comes to keyword research.  It would be wise to become familiar with all the tools they have to offer and see which ones work for you.   The problem with not knowing the monthly searches is because you might be competing for a word that is never searched.  Example Sketch Video is a great word for us to compete for but whiteboard sketch video might be even better it all depends on the testing and the numbers.  Yes you might be excited at getting to the top of Google for a certain word like “whiteboard sketch video” only to find out you are the only one that searches for that particular term.  The perfect place to start is with a keyword that has a good number of searches and very little competition.  If you try to tackle the difficult words you will just get discouraged. SEO is not something that can be done overnight.  It take time and a lot of writing especailly when it comes to more popular keywords like “whiteboard animation.”


Here are the Monthly Searches for a few of the search terms.

Sketch video”  1300
“creative video services”  58
“explainer video”  1300
“video for business”  1600
“explainer videos”  590
“video scribing”  720
“scribble videos”  10
“whiteboard animation”  1300

For a new video company you might consider dominating the search term “creative video services.”  It has very little searches and low competition.  Don’t expect to make huge profits but it is a great place to start.  First you create a landing page or a blog all about Creative Video Services, get a few back links with the anchor text “Creative Video Services,”  Ping it, Tweet it, and then finally create an ad-word campaign for it.  That is it!  Make sure the Actual keyword is part of the Headline, URL, and body.

The term I like is “Sketch Video.”  When people see a new whiteboard animation video they are often times confused about the actual name of the videos.  So they will google “Sketch Video or Sketching Videos.”  We will see how it goes but in the mean time I will see how this blog holds up for the term “Sketch Video.”  I will use this particular blog to try and rank for Sketch Video.  Wish me luck!


View the PDF Version of the Sketch Video Strategy Guide Tip #2 here: Sketch Video Strategy 2

View the Sketch Video Press Release Here: Sketch Videos by Ydraw


Sketch Videos
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