The Mitt Romney Video will shed a little light on the Real Mitt Romney.  2012 is a big election and the vote has come down to Mitt Romney vs Obama.  With out further Ado here is Mitt Romney.


 Mitt Romney Video

The Mitt Romney video sheds some light on the reasons that Mitt Romney should be elected President in the 2012 Elections.  The Mitt Romney Video began as a simple idea and Ydraw made it all come to life.  The script took a little bit of time because of the delicate subject of politics, religion, and elections.   The Mitt Romney video script needed to be powerful yet entertaining.  It is not an easy thing to talk politics because no matter what kind of video is produced, the haters will be haters and the lovers will be lovers.  Something new about the Mitt Romney video scribing videos is the end slide.  Where we did a caricature of Mitt Romney.  We actually love this type of video scribing and we call it the Bio Video.  It works great for introducing speakers or creating a bio for anyone.  We actually took colored pencil, which we have never tried before, to bring out some of the colors.    Obviously it is blended in with markers to get the nice shiny colors but nonetheless the pencils were interesting.  We really enjoyed creating Mitt Romney vs Obama video and we hope everyone will enjoy it.


Pictures of the Mitt Romney vs Obama


Script for Mitt Romney vs Obama Video

Many of you understand the desperate situation that America is in these days.  If not wake up and a look around.  If we don’t change soon the words of Thomas Jefferson will come true that is “we the people will wake up one-day homeless on a continent our forefathers once conquered…”