Who Made the Les Olson Commercial?


You might have been watching the BYU game the other night, and wondered who made the Les Olson commercial? Well you are in luck, Ydraw has your answer… WE DID! This hand drawn video scribing creation is only one example of a variety of video artwork we can create. View more of our examples to see what other whiteboard animation style videos we can create.  Les Olson is the number 1 Print and copy distributor in Utah and as you can see they are avid BYU fans.  There is something about Les Olson and BYU!

Video Scribing Examples

So, why does video scribing and whiteboard animation work? Well there are plenty of reasons, but we will just go over a few:

  • The artwork developed on screen is extremely compelling to viewers because it is unusual, something that is not usually seen on a commercial, and so it keeps the awe and attention of audiences longer than other mediums of video
  • Animation is relaxing to viewers, because to many it reminds us of childhood, and is less strenuous for an audience to learn from compared to other videos, which might not be as entertaining
  • Video scribing is good for memory retention in helping the mind process information with visuals, and better remember branding and pictures so that they will be easily accessed and stored in the long term memory
This Les Olson Commercial is a great example of a 30 second clip of a converting, compelling, and memorable video scribing video that is created by none other than Ydraw. As a dedicated video marketing company, we work to make the best video animations for the best price, so that each of our clients get the results they are striving for.
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+Jace Vernon