How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Video Tip Guide

How to make a whiteboard animation video‘ tips are essential for any business that is attempting to make their own unique and detailed whiteboard animation video for internet marketing or sale purposes. Ydraw provides new helpful tips to promote a better whiteboard video.

Although this will not get the best results when looking for increased traffic and conversion rates, this technique will provide a way to get an extremely cheap alternative to Ydraw’s whiteboard animation videos.

Essential tools include a dry erase board, a camera, a computer, a desk, some dry erase markers, a chair, and a light. With these tools the artist can now set up their workstation. Place the light on the table, along with the dry erase board, and rig the camera to the light so that it can be right above the dry erase board.

How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Filming Guide

With the camera hooked up to the computer, all one needs now is for the artist to start drawing with the dry erase markers. If the artist makes a mistake, it is easy to rewind the video filming, erase the drawing sequences and start again. Decide how many scenes are wanted, the desired length, and work to intricately detail every scene, taking a break and video taping the whole scene without an artist’s hand in it for a period of time.

How to Make a Whiteboard Animation Editing Guide

To edit the whiteboard animation video, use editing software that is found on an existing computer. One can download cheap editing software programs on the internet finding them through searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or other related search engines.  Take tutorials on the software and if there are questions about one of the tools, it is easy to look up the answer through forums found by searching on Google. The artist needs to find out how to speed up their sequences through their video editing software, so that the whole whiteboard animation video comes to life in detail and precision.

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