Explainer video marketing effective distribution strategies are measured through many different aspects of a brand marketing campaign.


Some key strategies to consider as well as ideas on how to develop some video marketing goals are listed by Ydraw.


Explainer video marketing metrics are hard to specifically define, because they are different for each company and it’s ultimate goals. It is important to find those key metrics along with these other helpful strategies for brand video marketing distribution success. Listed are a few key metrics a brand should consider when starting a branded explainer video marketing distribution strategy.


Brand Awareness: This is one of the main goals of many explainer video marketing campaigns, and usually involves a campaign to reach a broad audience. Effective campaigns can be used through real-time-bidding exchanges like SpotXchange or TubeMogul. What is real-time-bidding? This is a way of selling and buying online display advertising in real time, one ad impression at a time. There are also various video ad networks that can be used if a company does not want to be monitoring bids 24-7 including Tremor, YuMe, and Brightroll.


User Engagement: Many brands look toward online explainer video marketing because of the amazing ability users have to share videos through social networks and media. The ability to share videos through social networks has many business owners excited to start a video. If a brand is looking to optimize their video for sharing socially, it is a good idea to consider cost-per-view models. This means that a video is placed as content on a site. Viewable Media and Sharethrough are various CPV players that could be useful to a growing brand.


Content Strategy: Content in a video is maybe the most important part of a branded video campaign. A video must be informative, entertaining, and able to compel audiences and hold user engagement. The goal is to hook the user and grab their attention for as long as possible.


Overall, it is important to develop, as a brand, what the key points and goals are for marketing. Once those are set in stone, it is also good to consider the 3 previous strategy helpers in video marketing. Every aspect of a video marketing campaign should be aligned ultimately with the brand goals. What are the ultimate video marketing brand results that are important?


Ydraw has had successes with various video marketing distribution strategies, including releasing videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular formats. Find the right distribution strategy that fits, and make sure to email Ydraw and tell them about it!

+Jace Vernon

+Alecsy Christensen

Explainer Video Strategy #4: Effective Video Marketing Distribution Strategies
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