Dry Erase Board Animation as a Popular Marketing Tool


Dry erase board animation by Ydraw announces successful tips to drive traffic to websites using their strategies. Video marketing through dry erase board animation is a great way to increase traffic to different sources.


One of the most exciting marketing tools being used on the internet today is dry erase board animation. This type of video animation is really growing and has been shown to be quite effective for companies that want to drive traffic to their websites. Video animation is not new, but is being newly discovered as an excellent marketing tool.


Attention Grabbing

Because the dry erase board animation uses a creative story and shows the artist bringing the story to life through pictures that are constantly changing, it quickly and easily grabs the attention. When the animation video is well done, it does its job.

Some statistics to be aware of include the fact that in the past three years, email campaigns using some type of animation videos have increased in number five times. In addition to the increased usage, some studies show that click-through rates have also increased dramatically through the use of video marketing.


Video Usage

If a video is produced to be used on the homepage of a website, it will require different things than if it is designed as a viral video promotion to go out on your various social channels. If the plan is to use it in a trade show, those requirements are different still. Being aware of how the video will be used can help in getting the right kind of video.


Video Objective

A video that is being used to drive traffic to your website will be different than one designed to simply collect user emails. Knowing what a video needs to do can help improve the video so it can do its job. Many animation videos educate, drive traffic, and collect information at the same time.

One of the most exciting marketing tools being used on the internet today is dry erase board animation.


Video Length

When you are considering the different dry erase board animation videos that can be created, you need to be aware of their length. Ydraw usually uses videos that are about 3 minutes in length or shorter, because anything past that length might drive the attention span of the viewer to go elsewhere.

By keeping your objectives in mind, anyone can effectively use dry erase board animation videos to drive web traffic.


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