In certain situations especially situations that involve our nerves we tend to make huge adjustments to our personality.  We stop being ourselves which is about the worse thing we can do at that time.  Bill Cosby’s keynote speech is a great reminder.  When you are creating marketing materials or putting together a presentation remember to be yourself.

Remember that you created your company or your product because you thought it was a good idea.  You were the one who decided people needed what you are selling.  And you probably came up with that theory because you yourself needed what you were selling.  Don’t let nerves get the better of you and don’t compromise your vision of your product.  Don’t let anyone run you over with their own thoughts or ideas about what your product can be.

You’re the one that’s developing your brand.  This is your “baby” for all intents and purposes.  Whatever it is that you’re marketing, you, your company, your product, just remember that you have designed this, you have put your energy into it, and you should be proud of it.  Hold your head high and don’t let anyone cause you to stray off of the path that you see for your product.

Become an expert in what it is that you are trying to market.  This will help you to feel confident about your brand.  Will all the knowledge that you will gain learning all you can about your product, it will be harder for anyone to steer you off course.  And back up that knowledge.  That way when someone asks you a question, you will be ready with an answer.

Know who your customers are and know who your competition is.  Know what the competition is offering to your customers.  Remember that the more information you know the more confident you will feel and come across.  Nothing will get the better of you then.  And keep in mind, everyone has a few blunders here and there.  Allow those experiences to be a lesson that propels you forward and prepare you for the future.