Animated Corporate Videos Created By Ydraw

How many of you have seen an animated corporate video? Most of you have seen all different styles of corporate videos. Did you know that one of the highest converting video for large corporations is a nice clean animation video done in a corporate style. This might be a shocker to you because we continue to see the lousy boring live videos all over the TV. They work on occasion, but most of the time they do not. When we see their million dollar commercials the dead switch come on and we start doing something else.

The art of the corporate animation video

Every video needs to stand out a be a little bit different. I am always talking about this and pushing the concept that things need to be new and original. I know it is not rocket science, but most corporations have a huge issue with adopting new and exciting things.  They think they have tested and tested what works and anything other than what was proven to work 15 years ago is wrong.  Like Nielsen ratings.  Nothing is ever new or different, just the same basic story lines regurgitated.   Trust me, new and different…will work.

Here is another great animation corporate video:

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