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Video Marketing Statistics | A Comparison

Video Marketing Statistics | A Comparison   Below is an infographic showing a comparison of a few 2013 video marketing statistics compared with similar statistics from 2012. Obviously video marketing is becoming more and more popular – if you don’t have an online video marketing campaign yet, you ought to. +Jessica Anderson

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The Key to Eliminating Video Abandonment

This virtual environment has made it increasingly difficult to engage an audience through video. If you plan on leveraging video to boost sales and grow your business you must be aware of video abandonment.

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Online Video Infographics

Infographic Information about Online Video.  (Infographics)     Here are a collection of Video Infographics.  This list will always be added to.  I love Infographs

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A day in the life of a Prisoner (infographic)


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Infographics Example Michael Jordan vs Koby Bryant

There you have it.  Michael Jordan is far better then Koby Bryant, but they are both great players.  I have always wondered who was better and this infographic was a perfect way to show the stats. Enjoy

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Infographics and Video Scribing

Below is a great way to show why traffics jams happen. Now imagine if you combine this infographic with a video scribe. It would make for a great unforgettable presentation.

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