Animation Video Announcement | New Online Video Behaviors and Statistics

Animation Video Announcement | New Online Video Behaviors and Statistics

Animation Video Announcement | New Online Video Behaviors and Statistics

Many people opt for cooler activities during the hot summer months. The internet has become a hobby for many, and it seems that the animation video viewing is at the top of the list of things to do indoors. According to ReelSEO, last month alone an estimated 33 billion animation videos were viewed and the numbers just keep growing. Online viewership has reached all the way up to 180 million.

Video ads account for around 25 percent of the rising numbers in viewership on the internet.

Google is among the top ten at nearly 20 minutes per viewer ranking out at 154,507 viewers. The entire internet viewer population only ranks as 180,373 viewers, so it is easy to see who dominates the competition. These numbers do not include video ads that were watched by viewers as well.

Yahoo comes in second with a whopping 51,453 animation video viewers. It was closely followed by Facebook at 49,003. Though VEVO numbers are on a decline, although it did still rank in at 46,202. Other sites that ranked in the top ten were Viacom Digital, Microsoft sites, AOL Inc, Amazon, Turner, and Vimeo. With VEVO being on the top of the list for YouTube partners.

The YouTube partners and channels have also been ranked according to the most used in 2012.  Machinima followed Warner with 23,601. Marker, Full Screen, and Broadband PC all came in closely behind the competition. Last on the list was ING who ranked in at a mere 6,453 video viewers last month.

Machinima leads everyone with 76.1 minutes per viewer, but VEVO continues to decline in this area as well. There is no doubt YouTube and its partner sites will continue to grow. People add thousands upon thousands of footages to the web every day.

Animation video advertising is becoming a hot new trend for advertising, and many people are keeping online diaries, baby books and so forth as their primary keepsakes on YouTube. One never knows what may be found there, but what is certain is that it is impossible to watch just one.

Informative, entertaining, personal, or professional, YouTube has it all. The animation video shows no sign of losing popularity; as a matter of fact the trend seems to be settling in and is reaching all time highs. It is guaranteed there is an animation video on the web for everyone to enjoy. They are fun and easy ways to beat the heat and pass the time during these relentlessly hot months of summer.



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