Mantra in Place of a Mission Statement

When creating a business or making a presentation use a mantra instead of mission statement. Mantras are simple and should be no longer the 4 words.


Here are some examples of common mantras that you are probably familiar with:

  • Wendys “Healthy Fast Food”
  • Fedex “Peace of Mind”
  • Ydraw “Inspiring Presentations”

Mission statements are often too long and too boring for anyone to really care about.  Sometimes people try to get too deep with their mission statements or try to sound too smart and it leaves the readers confused and searching for meaning.  Mantras as short and sweet.  They are easy to understand but have the potential to be powerful in their meaning.

man·tra (mntr, mn-)


1. Hinduism A sacred verbal formula repeated in prayer, meditation, or incantation, such as an invocation of a god, a magic spell, or a syllable or portion of scripture containing mystical potentialities.

2. A commonly repeated word or phrase.

Here’s a fun fact about a mantra that everyone has heard, “Om,” the sound that people make when they are trying to get deep into mediation.  According to, “Om” is the sound of the universe.  It’s the first, original vibration, representing the birth, death and re-birth process.

Modern adaptation: Chanting the sound OM brings us into harmonic resonance with the universe – this is a scientific fact! OM is said to vibrate at 432 Hertz, which is the natural musical pitch of the Universe, as opposed to 440 Hertz, which is the frequency of most modern music.

Pretty cool, right?

A mantra is a great thing to have not only for your company but for your life.  If you can remember a few little words when you are feeling down, they just might help bring your spirits back up.

Here’s a few inspiring mantras we found.  Choose one you like, or create your own and start applying it to your life and business.

“Action conquers fear”-Peter Nivio Zarlenga

“I am enough”

“Trust in the process of life”

“Fear nothing”

“Be still”

“Take the path less traveled” (nod to Robert Frost)

“Focus on what matters”

“It’s a journey, not a race”

“Don’t forget to breathe”

As always, have a great day and let us know if you have any questions or comments.