Video Scribing: Who to Choose!

Video Scribing: Who to Choose!

Video Scribing:  Who are YOU going to Choose?


Video Scribing Companies seem to be popping up all over the place, so I am going to write a little guide on choosing the best video scribing company.  Ok, so you have a special product that you want to get sent out to the world, and you realize that you need the perfect video.  That is great! You have made a good decision. Now it comes down to WHO.


Here are some steps to help you on your journey in finding the best video scribing company around that works in your budget and creates good quality video scribing:


1.  Find a company that will pick up their phone and return your emails in a timely manner.

You might think this is a no-brainer, but I have made many different calls to explainer video companies (under my pseudo name of course) and a lot of them never call me back. It doesn’t make sense to me, a good video scribing company should always have good communication.


2.  Make sure the video scribing company you are interested in has the perfect artwork.

Do not put out a video that does not look professional. This doesn’t mean you have to go over your budget.  Keep searching until you find the right style of art at the right price, with the right quality.


3.  Look for a company that has experience.

All of us have to get our start from some place, but make sure the Video Scribing Company you choose is not getting their start with you.  You could end up getting a bad video and loosing valuable time and money in the process.


What is a good Price to pay for Video Scribing?


Each week we get a lot of people looking for a low budget video.  I feel bad for them, and would really like to produce the perfect video for their company, but this is not a cheap process.  It takes a team of talented people working around the clock to complete an amazing video scribing video.  So what is a good price to pay?  Here are your price ranges for a typical video scribing video:

  • High: $7,500 per minute
  • Medium: $3,000 per minute
  • Low: $1,500 per minute


I know that is a pretty big range, but when you call around, you will see that people are all over the board with their pricing strategies.  I do not suggest that you break the bank to get your video scribed video, but I would not go with a company that is at $1,500 a minute.  Their quality will likely be lacking.  Try to stay towards the middle of the pack, because there are a lot of video companies that are over-priced.


So ultimately, my suggestion is to call around.  Chat with different companies and see how you feel.  And as always, Ydraw is always here for you, and would love to answer any question you may have about video scribing.
+Jace Vernon