Quick Draw Video Strategy #1: Best Time to Release Video

Quick Draw Video Strategy #1: Best Time to Release Video

Quick Draw Videos Strategy #1: Best Time To Release Media and Video

Quick Draw Videos: New Video Strategy Guide: Best Time to Release New Videos to Media.

Depending on the audience and venue a video is most likely to be viewed from impacts the optimal time to release a video. Quick draw videos released by Ydraw take in to consideration all of these facts when releasing a new video to the public.

According to information found from ReelSEO, some of the main venues to focus on targeting user viewing are computers, tablets, and mobile devices. If viewers are most likely to be viewing a video on a computer, it is best to publish the video early in the morning during the weekday, or between 8am and 11am on the weekend.

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If the extent of the viewing audience will be using tablets to view content, ReelSEO researched and shared that the best times to release video content is at 8am on the weekdays, with the worst time to publish being midnight and 6am.

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For mobile friendly viewers, if a company is looking to target specifically mobile, studies have shown that the best time to publish content is around 5am or between 1 and 2 pm on the weekdays.

Be wary not to publish video content at the wrong time. OGVI shows evidence that the worst time to publish content for a computer or a mobile device is between midnight and 5am, and the worst time to publish when targeting a tablet is between midnight and 6am.

Overall, most video viewers do the extent of their viewing in the morning. Quick draw videos by Ydraw keep in mind that above anything else, the best bet for optimal views on all interfaces is making sure to release content early morning preferably after 6am.

REMEMBER:  To get the best results in publishing successful video content, do not publish it after midnight!!!


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