Ergo Squad Partners with Ydraw on New Doodle Video

Ergo Squad Partners with Ydraw on New Doodle Video

Ergo Squad announces a new animation doodle video made in partnership with Ydraw.


This video is geared towards informing CFO’s and upper level management about new tools.

Ergo Squad’s new animation doodle video aimed to inform CFO’s and upper level management about a new tool designed to help management identify, measure and correct the factors impeding worker performance and gain sustainable cost reductions was released last week by Denver, CO based Ergo Squad.

This compelling animated doodle video was produced by Saint George, UT based Ydraw. The three and a half minute video is both exciting to watch and effectively explains why organizations should conduct a Free GAP Assessment to determine if they are running as lean as possible.

Those interested in viewing the video can do so by visiting

Ergo Squad’s video and Ydraw’s partnership has made a great video creation, both compelling, creative, and informative. This amazing video is a great way to explain Ergo Squad’s services.

This three and a half minute video was created by Ydraw to be the most informative video possible, all while being easily understood by using simple phrases and creative drawings to get their product and service across to viewers.  Choosing this layout and time frame helps the product be fully comprehended and understood by the viewer, which is what Ydraw specializes in.

Ergo Squad is an ergonomic consulting firm offering ergonomic consulting, software and hardware products designed to improve worker productivity and uncover areas of sustainable cost reductions.

Ydraw is a video company specializing in doodle videos, also known as video scribing videos, script videos, or whiteboard animation videos. This new video marketing strategy has been increasing in popularity, and is creating a buzz with small businesses and big corporations who want to get the best marketing strategy available today.

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