How Ydraw Helped AppMakr Reach Around the World in Less Than 90 Days

How Ydraw Helped AppMakr Reach Around the World in Less Than 90 Days

How Ydraw Helped AppMakr Reach Clients Around the Globe in Less Than 90 Days-AppMakr’s new Ydraw video got 1000 views and improves website conversion rate in the first 5 days! And that’s just the English version


We would like to introduce you to forward thinker, Jay Shapiro.

He knows all about the world–he’s circled it countless times. He started Singapore-based digital agency BLUE in 1999 and had homes in San Mateo, Singapore, New York London and Beijing. He traveled over a million miles every year to build and maintain a thriving company.

Jay grew to love the various cultures and interacted/worked with the best of the best on a global level. The time he spent traveling, however, began to wear on him and he missed his family.

In 2007, in the same month the iPhone was launched, he sold BLUE and started on his path to becoming the largest DIY mobile app publisher in the world. Unlike the past though he made sure his company could be run from anywhere, even his own home–no more globetrotting (for work!)

Although Jay no longer had to board planes on an almost daily basis, he still wanted to experience other cultures and work with the best of the best in the world.

He incorporated a non-office office and hired all his staff through UpWork. His 65 expert employees live on six continents! In fact, he’s the only one on the team who calls New York home. Business is done via Slack, email and video conference in this beautiful new business model.

His mission/passion is to empower other entrepreneurs to use similar techniques to build global teams and access customers worldwide.

Jay’s app system fit his mission and was so intuitive and demand was so high that it took off—he bought his largest competitor, AppMakr in 2013 and business has skyrocketed!

He still travels the world where 70% of his customer base is outside the United States. However, he does it on his own terms and usually brings his family with him.

He still works 50+ hours a week, but his “office” is now seaside, or on exotic peaks or in his living room, rarely in a conference room. Jay is a strong advocate for working remotely and with the best people—and he definitely practices what he preaches!


The Opportunity

With the growth rate of his company (nearly 3 million customers already!), Jay wanted to keep the momentum going and quickly educate potential clients on how AppMakr was just what they needed.

A whiteboard explainer video was the way to do it.

As he considered whiteboard he knew he wanted it done right, he wanted it highly customized, top of the line and he knew he needed it done fast!

As with everything else in his business, Jay decided to bring on the best of the best in the world to create his video.

When he came across Ydraw’s website and saw our work, he knew he’d found the newest members of his “team”.

“Ydraw are truly the experts.” he said, “The team was incredibly professional and great to work with on this project, essentially becoming part of our AppMakr team and they got the job done right!”


The Idea

The new explainer video would go on the landing page of AppMakr’s website. They wanted to show in less than two minutes how AppMakr could be an asset to any entrepreneur and show exactly what the service is famous for.


The Constraint

Because 70% of the AppMakr customer base is outside the USA (their largest markets are India, Brazil, Turkey and the Middle East), they wanted to make sure that the video reflected these multiple cultures and ethnicities.

They wanted to have a video that could easily and believably be voiced over in 15 languages within a matter of weeks.


Getting to Work

Jay had his first consultation with Project Manager, Kristen Langston and Creative Director/writer Erica Schmidt Jabali.

The AppMakr team and the Ydraw team worked together to develop a story line, detailed script, character sketches and scene designs – all to convey they core message. “I was blown away by how immediately the team at Ydraw just ‘got it’ exclaimed Jay. “It really was a collaborative process, with everyone listening, and contributing their ideas, just great.”

Not only was the video top quality, it was done within 30 days.

“I was really concerned that the video be as culturally diverse as our customers are, I can’t believe how well the character animations conveyed that.” said Shapiro.

In a move away from the norm, AppMakr asked Ydraw to have the video voiced by an artist from South Africa, to give the video an international, but neutral feel to it, rather than being obviously American, Indian or British.

Less than a week after the English version was posted, the Portuguese voice over was completed and released. Versions in Indonesian, Turkish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese and Spanish are all in production and due to be live within the month. When all is said and done, this video will be watched in 15 different languages around the world.



The Ydraw explainer video has been on AppMakr’s landing page since May 6th. In the first 5 days alone it was watched over 1,000 times by Appmakr’s customers and is already increasing the company’s website conversion rate.


As for us at Ydraw, it was a pleasure being part of the AppMakr team! They are great people with an incredible product. We enjoyed working with them and being a part of the best of the best to continue introducing the world to innovation from AppMakr and Ydraw.


Thank you for reading. Now, how Ydraw and AppMakr help you enhance your business?