What it Takes to be a Successful Blogger

What it Takes to be a Successful Blogger

What it Takes to be a Successful Blogger

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By , Published September 19, 2013

The great thing about the internet is also a blogger’s biggest obstacle: there is information out there on literally any and every topic in the world – so it’s hard to carve out your own little niche in the blogosphere and start making some money a difference in the world. But here are a few key ingredients to the Amateur Blogger’s Soufflé of Success:

Hard Work

Yes, blogging is hard, no matter what your extended families’ raised brows and subtle eyerolls suggest. Blogging is the kind of hard where you give and give and give and maybe after a year or more you start to see a little something coming your way in return.  Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who are raking in the ad revenue mere weeks after starting a blog – but remember that’s the exception, not the rule. A successful blogger usually follows a strict regimen of posting on a frequent schedule, coming up with varying topics, and making an effort to connect with their first few stalwart followers in order to keep them coming back. Bloggers with the greatest potential know they have to keep blogging, even when they’re in the depths of despair thinking they will never make a career out of writing thought provoking posts on their home computer in their underwear. Don’t get frustrated, just remember that when it comes to blogging: the more you put into it the more you can eventually get out of it.

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