Video Marketing Risks.  If you are not taking risks You BETTER

Video Marketing Risks. If you are not taking risks You BETTER

If you would like to know where the world is going when it comes to Video Marketing I will let you in on some numbers.  Take a look at the latest article by REEL SEO.

Goodbye Traditional Ads, Hello Social Video – The Central Institute Of Australia

Businesses big and small, I implore you to pay attention to this video–even if the subject matter veers into the gross or weird territory (and it does). Because while the content of the video is definitely important to what I want to say, the greater takeaway is this: a technical school in Australia is reaping tons of buzz and earned media this week from a little online video ad they created, and they’re doing it because they walked away from traditional ads completely and fully embraced the concept of creating engaging entertainment content that encourages sharing behavior.

My recommendation would be to click on the link and see what all the buzz is about.  The gist of the article is that you have to think out of the box and dare to be different when it comes to your video.  Ydraw is always working with corporations who do not care to walk the line of creativity.  They want boring and safe!  But I am here to tell you that boring and safe videos are not going to create the buzz necessary to drive business and traffic.  You need a video that is creative, funny, entertain, and pushes some buttons.  That is what the world is craving.  You need a video that is going to stick with the viewer.  More of the same will just get filed away and lost in the metaphorical filing cabinet that holds all the similar traditional commercials we see.  The next time you create a video marketing video you really should consider risk and realize that risky videos usually pay off. Like REEL SEO said:

Traditional Commercials Are Losing Effectiveness.