How to Improve Your Video Sales Video: Features vs Benefits

How to Improve Your Video Sales Video: Features vs Benefits

When it comes to creating a video especially a video script most people tend to focus on the Features of their product and not the Benefits.  Let me explain why it is so important to focus on the Benefits.

We’re so familiar with the endless pitching of features.  Features are nothing more than facts about a product and are very unpersuasive.  Benefits on the other hand are so much more.  Benefits show how the features can really benefit the customer.  Customers want to know how your product or service is going to benefit their life. Focusing on the benefits is a much more powerful way to persuade your customer.  But wait I am not saying that features do not have a place. Features can help make a sale, but it depends on what you are selling, the price, and what stage the customer is at.  Here is what some researchers have found:

“In small sales there’s a slight positive relationship between the use of features and call success, so the calls higher in features are slightly more likely to result in orders or advances.  This relationship isn’t true in larger sales.

“In larger sales, features have a negative effect when used early in the call and neutral effect when used later.

“In the middle of very complex selling cycles of technical products, the customer sometimes develops a “features appetite.” When this happens, the customer demands considerable product detail and may respond positively to features.  It’s at this stage of the selling cycle that technical experts, systems analysts, and other sales-support people often have a positive impact on a customer.”   Spin Selling by Neil Rachkham

We all love features so don’t toss them all out the door, but lets forget about them for now and focus on benefits.


A benefit is any statement that meets the need or expressed need of the customer.  It is what the customer wants.  It is something that will increase their pleasure or help them avoid pain.  Benefits give the buyer a motive to proceed with your product or service.  My favorite definition was found in the book “Spin Selling.”

A benefit is anything you say to a customer that’s smarter than a feature.

Lets practice!  If the clients states, “I need more views for my videos.”  That is an explicit need and you need to explain how your product will fill that need.   It is that simple.  A great practice is to take a pen and paper and right down some explicit needs that you customers may have and then create a video that would explainer how your product feels those needs.

 Hope these tips from Ydraw can help you a little!  Let us know if you have any questions.