Dr Drum Beatmaking Video a Whiteboard Video Success

Dr Drum Beatmaking Video a Whiteboard Video Success

Dr Drum’s Beat Making Whiteboard Animation Video Goes Viral

Dr Drum came out with a new whiteboard animation video and if I am seeing this right it has over 1.5 million hits in a couple of days.  Dr Drum Beat Making video is a huge hit and I am trying to figure out if their video received so many hits because of their site or if a Tastemaker made mention of it. This isn’t the actual video but here is an example of a video scribing video

Explainer Video

A very small percentage of videos get over a million hits.  How did these guys do it?  Today, it was one of the most viewed videos on YouTube and I must admit I am a bit confused.  Obviously people love Whiteboard animation videos and Dr. Drum did a good job on their video, but I am seeing some numbers that are a little crazy.  Usually it take 3 steps for a video to go viral.

1. Tastemakers: Certain people’s tastes influence those of a larger audience.

2. Communities of participation: The audience determines what is popular. “We don’t just enjoy now; we participate.”

3. Unexpectedness: Things that are unique stand out.

Dr. Drum also uploaded another video to Youtube the same day that had over 500,000 views.  You can see that the Whiteboard animation video almost doubled the performance of their other video.  Why do you think that is?  We continue to push for video scribing and hope everyone can see the results.  We have seen 400% more viewers and 85% more sales.  They just work!

Dr. Drum you did well!  I do not know how your video went viral so quickly, but kudos to you.

It is a simple $39.95 product so it might have been pushed by all kinds of affiliate programs.  I am just happy you used a Video Scribing Video or we can call it a whiteboard animation video.