Video Scribing Company and 5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring One

Video Scribing Company and 5 Things You Should Know Before Hiring One

Video Scribing Ad ResponsivenessVideo Scribing and 5 Things you Need to Know

Video scribing is powerful and will be used more and more as it comes into the main stream media.  But there are things you should consider and know before hiring a video scribing company.  Lets run over a couple.

1.  Demo & References

When you are considering a video company you must ask for demos and references.  Can the potential video vendor supply a demo of their work featuring previous clients? There should be no hesitation to ask, and the video scribing company should have no hesitation when supplying you with a demo video and references.   If the company is hesitant to provide you demos or their satisfied clients as references, they may not have any!

2.  Creative Control

What check points are along the way when approving your video?  During the script writing process, you should have final approval on the script before production is scheduled.  You should have the final say on your artwork, music, voice recording, and layout.  That is just all part of the process and part of creating a great video.  Be sure you understand the process and where you have the ability to make changes.

3.  Re-writes and Re-edits

I would like to say that video scribing companies love re-writes and re-edits, but we do not.  They are costly but they are a part of the business and we are happy to do them for any client.  We allow our clients to make adjustments until they are satisfied-all within reason.  You need to be aware of this when hiring a production company.  Often times there will be clauses in the contract that does not allow corrections or changes without charging you money.  Make sure you are allowed 2 to 3 opportunities to provide feedback and make changes.

4. Additional Costs

Nobody likes additional costs especially after payout a good chunk of money for a video.  Make sure your agreement clearly details additional costs such as animation sequences, stock footage, color, music, voice recording, etc. Make sure you understand what you are getting in your video.  What is included and what is not included.  A good video scribing company will not try and nickel and dime you along they way.  If additional costs continue to be added on after the process has become you might consider a different route.

US local Online Video Advertising5. Guarantee

This is a big one!  Video scribing is an investment and that last thing you want is a horrible video that you do not like.  It is a sign of complete commitment from your video scribing company that they can guarantee your complete satisfaction. A well-produced video can become the crown jewel of your marketing department, representing a compelling, story-driven presentation of your products, company history, and the core values of your company. Guarantees are rare in the marketing industry.  It is a good thing to have some sort of guarantee or at least have a company committed to your satisfaction.

Good luck and please let us know if you have any question or if you would like a video scribing video.