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1000’s of small businesses and Government Agencies use Ydraw to create and deliver their message. We are a Video Marketing Company that can Discover, Create, and Deliver your story!

Company Snapshot

Government POC: Curtis Pace Phone: 801-360-6263 Email: Address: 249 East Tabernacle Suite 100 Saint George, UT 84770 Work Area: Global

What Make US Different?

8 years of experience
Inc. 5000
3000 + Videos Created
PRnews Platinum PSA Award
2018 Clutch Global Leader Award
Gold Addy Awards


CAGE: 74Q50 DUNS: 031495506 NAICS: 512110 – Video production NAICS: 541830 – Media Buying Agencies NAICS: 512191 – Other Postproduction Services Set-Aside: Small Business (SB)

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Capability Statement

Why work with us? Because we are funny, good looking, and people say things like…

“This is incredible. There’s something about the animation that inherently makes the viewer so much more in tune. This has such shareability. This is going viral, I’m calling it. Value value value value value.”

Whiteboard animation video companies that have used Ydraw for their whiteboard videos

A Few Financial Examples


Jackson Financial

Here are a few of the videos we created for Jackson Financial.  We did an entire series that covered topics like:  Alternative Investments, Tax Deferral, Correlation, Volatility etc.  They used these videos to teach people about their specific products and options.  They let their FA’s use these videos across the country.  These videos are a good example of our Premium Package.  You can see they have detailed artwork, full color, animations, custom composed music and SFX.  Basically our creative directors didn’t have to be held back at all to come up with these concepts.


The Mutual Fund Store

We created a boat load of videos for the Mutual Fund Store.  We basically took their podcasts and turned them into video.  I love this series to have constant content to teach financial concepts.  We typically created 1 video per week with these quirky whiteboard animations.


Monument Wealth Management

Here is another example of a whiteboard video that explains the history and story behind an Advisor’s Firm.  Monument did a few videos showing their “blueprint” and how they’re different.


Valmark Securities

This is an example of a video we made for Valmark Securities that has been branded over and over by other financial firms.  This example is one we branded for David Rosell….he actually decided to record his own voiceover for the video…so we sent him the script, he recorded it, and we branded it for him.


A Bunch of Other Ydraw Styles and Pricing

Pricing for a 90 second spot


Budget Whiteboard – $3,500

We created a series of 30 videos for Ford Motor Company in Japan.  They had a tighter budget so we simplified the characters and backgrounds.  You can see that it is simple line-work with a tiny bit of grey shading to bring shape to the characters.  I can see this as a really great option for FA branded stories.


Standard Whiteboard – $7,500

With our Standard Whiteboard Package, we’re able to put much more detail in the characters and backgrounds.  We’re also able to add more shading and rendering to the characters, add some color, and even do some pose swap animations if necessary.

One of my favorite Corporate Training videos is Vital Smarts.  We teach a concept by using a live spokesperson and embellish his story with a Calvin and Hobbes style whiteboard animation.  I absolutely love this way of teaching!  This video is the same price as our Standard Whiteboard video + price of live actor if applicable.


Line Character Animation – $8,500

These videos are fully animated, but the style is more simple to create and animate compared to frame-by-frame full color characters.


Someone with severe ADHD wrote me about the Whiteboard Animation Star Wars video you just created and said “I have severe ADHD which doesn’t allow me to focus for very long. But your video captured my attention the entire time and gave me a lot of details that I was able to understand. That’s powerful!” That’s a great quote and testimony to what you do! Sincerely,
Brian Oaks

Owner, Global Goods

Hi Jace, I want to share that so far I am really impressed with your organization, its capabilities and your processes. You guys seem to have got the creative and the processes down! Things move like clockwork – from the time I clicked on your ad through the follow up call, receipt of the proposal and the project kick off! I’m blown away – we’ve engaged in 3 days. Annie and Lesa have been great and that part has been seamless. You’re team is also very upbeat and a pleasure to work with. We can learn a thing or two from you guys!

Owner, Azularc

Everything is approved! Thanks for your flexibility on this.:) Btw, our whiteboard videos are such a hit that we are looking to do another one for our company’s 20th anniversary! I’ll reach out soon.

Marketing, Apria

We LOVE it!! Thank you so much Annie, and please pass my Thanks and praise to your team. We couldn’t be more pleased with it, and the changes are perfect. I am so excited!! Yay!! Ydraw has been so awesome to work with; I’ve never worked with a more upbeat, willing to help, team of people. Everyone we worked with along the way made the process easy and enjoyable, and the talent your team has, is amazing!

Magic Sock

I have never seen anything Like Ydraw’s Work. It is Amazing, Clear, and by far the best whiteboard animation videos out there. Trust me we have searched everywhere.

CEO, Blusafe

Even Arnold Loves Our Videos.

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