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Capability Statement

Why work with us? Because we are funny, good looking, and people say things like…

“This is incredible. There’s something about the animation that inherently makes the viewer so much more in tune. This has such shareability. This is going viral, I’m calling it. Value value value value value.”

Whiteboard animation video companies that have used Ydraw for their whiteboard videos


Aspen is looking for a creative solution to inform the staff and other partners the redefined Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that will be launching in early 2020.  Ydraw will create a video that covers Aspen’s 3 main pillars:  philanthropic giving, staff volunteerism / engagement in communities, and environmental stewardship.  We have narrowed it down to 3 nice video options which will accomplish this goal. 


The Ydraw Process:


  1. Discovery Kick-Off Call:
    This is where you are introduced to your Ydraw team. You’ll have your Project Manager, which is always at your beck and call. The Project Manager’s job will be to answer questions, provide options, organize the entire project and make sure it runs smoothly and at the end of the day make you feel like the most important person alive!
    You’ll also be introduced to your Creative Director. The CD is the creative behind the creative. The CD will figure out, with your team, what the style, tone, feel, and length is of each video. During the Kick-Off call, this will all be discussed and at the end of the call we’ll know exactly how to start writing the script.
  2. Script and Sceneplan:
    Typically within 48 hours of the kick-off call, you’ll get the first draft of the script. One thing we add in the scripting phase is what we call our Sceneplan. A Sceneplan is basically a storyboard, but in word format. You’ll have the script on the left and on the right will be a description of how the Creative Director envisions bringing the script to life. This is a really important stage in the process because it allows your team to change anything you want. It is so much easier to change a few words than it is to change a complete drawing if you didn’t love the idea in the first place.
  3. Storyboard:
    So as soon as the Sceneplan is approved (usually takes 2-3 rounds of back and forth with your team) we send it off to the artist to illustrate. The artist tries to follow the Sceneplan as closely as possible so that you don’t have any surprises. If the artist decides that things aren’t quite working or sees room for creative improvement, he/she will definitely make the necessary adjustments. We then take the artwork and replace the sceneplan with the drawing sequence…which describes exactly when things will be drawn, shaded, colored, digitally inserted etc..  This way you’ll get a perfect idea of how your video will flow with the script.  This drawing sequence definitely changes a bit depending upon if it is a whiteboard animation or other type of animation.
  4. Animation:
    Once we’ve made all the necessary revisions to the artwork and drawing sequence (usually 2-3 rounds of revisions are common) we will send it off to the animation department. We will decide on the perfect professional voice talent at this stage as well. We have a list of our top favorite voice talents, which you can see here: Voice Selection:

If you don’t absolutely love one of them, we can send the project out for auditions and get 100’s of professionals to audition for the project. The recording artist will follow the order of the drawing sequence perfectly so that your video turns out exactly as promised. The animators will then match up the art with the voice talent, add in any additional animations then send it off to our composer. Music and Sound Effects can make a huge impact on the viewers as they watch the videos. So, if time allows, we prefer to have each video with custom composed music and SFX. If we don’t have the time, no problem, we can create it all with Royalty Free Music and SFX, but we certainly love the custom composed pieces.

Standard Whiteboard – $7,500 for up to 90 seconds.  

                                                                             ($2,000 per each additional minute)

Whiteboard animation is still one of the best methods to grab attention and hold it.  Our minds think in pictures, so when the viewer is able to see an artist illustrate the story and audibly hear the script, it sinks in and is memorable.  We have many different styles of artwork we can choose from for a whiteboard animation.  Here is an example of a philanthropic video we created for Kiva using our Cartoon Style.


Whiteboard with Live – $7,500 for up to 90 seconds.

                                                                            ($2,000 per each additional minute.)  

One of my favorite Corporate Training videos is Vital Smarts.  We teach a concept by using a live spokesperson and embellish his story with a Calvin and Hobbes style whiteboard animation.  I absolutely love this way of teaching!  This video is the same price as our Standard Whiteboard video + price of live actor if applicable.

*Ydraw doesn’t charge any extra for the live actor, if the footage is provided to us.  If you’d like Ydraw to provide the live footage, additional fees apply, depending upon the talent.  A good ballpark figure for a talent and green screen filming, here locally for us to provide, is an additional $2,000)


2D Animation – $6,000 per minute

We created this style because full 2D animation is typically too expensive for most companies.  We do full color images, but simplify the frame-by-frame animation to keep cost down.  All these videos come with full color and custom composed music and SFX.


















And Still More Styles You Can Choose From. Let’s keep going.

Full 2D Animation

This is full 2D frame-by-frame animation illustrated at 8-12 frames per second.

No Name Style

We still don’t know what to call this style. We took a serious story and created a serious video. We could do more to help addicts.

Digital Whiteboard

Whiteboard video, without the artist illustrating. Take the hand out and do it all digitally. 

Line Blueprint Animation

Animation we created for the “Blueprint for America” book for the Hoover Institution.


Realistic artwork revealed with digital splashes of ink.

3D Animation

If you want to go all out with animation…go 3D.

Someone with severe ADHD wrote me about the Whiteboard Animation Star Wars video you just created and said “I have severe ADHD which doesn’t allow me to focus for very long. But your video captured my attention the entire time and gave me a lot of details that I was able to understand. That’s powerful!”

That’s a great quote and testimony to what you do!


Brian Oaks

Owner, Global Goods

Hi Jace, I want to share that so far I am really impressed with your organization, its capabilities and your processes. You guys seem to have got the creative and the processes down! Things move like clockwork – from the time I clicked on your ad through the follow up call, receipt of the proposal and the project kick off! I’m blown away – we’ve engaged in 3 days. Annie and Lesa have been great and that part has been seamless. You’re team is also very upbeat and a pleasure to work with. We can learn a thing or two from you guys!

Owner, Azularc

Everything is approved! Thanks for your flexibility on this.:) Btw, our whiteboard videos are such a hit that we are looking to do another one for our company’s 20th anniversary! I’ll reach out soon.

Marketing, Apria

We LOVE it!! Thank you so much Annie, and please pass my Thanks and praise to your team. We couldn’t be more pleased with it, and the changes are perfect. I am so excited!! Yay!!

Ydraw has been so awesome to work with; I’ve never worked with a more upbeat, willing to help, team of people. Everyone we worked with along the way made the process easy and enjoyable, and the talent your team has, is amazing!


Magic Sock

I have never seen anything Like Ydraw’s Work. It is Amazing, Clear, and by far the best whiteboard animation videos out there. Trust me we have searched everywhere.

CEO, Blusafe

Even Arnold Loves Our Videos.

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