Pricing, Video Styles & Process

Video Styles & Pricing


$7,500 up to 1 minute and $2,000 per additional minute.

We basically invented the whiteboard video back in 2011. Don’t be fooled by those fake programs and clipart, nobody beats our quality or our process. These videos are hand drawn with marker on the paper of your choice (Whiteboard, Blackboard or Cardboard). The purpose is to create simple, relatable and easy to understand stories/concepts to explain your product or service.  By lining up powerful narration and simple artwork, we hit both sides of the brain, keeping your audience interested and wanting to know more.

Budget: This is our standard package and includes everything from start to finish. Script/Scene Planning, Selection of Art Style, Custom Artwork, Professional Voice Over, Editing, Two Downloadable Video Links. 


$7,500 up to 1 minute and $2,000 per additional minute.

This video style uses simple digital artwork and kinetic typography to explain complex topics in a literal or abstract manner. Motion Graphic videos are fast moving and can allow a boring topic to be upbeat and easy to understand without telling a story or condensing information. Most of the time they are used to explain a complex product or show statistics. 

Budget: Our standard pricing starts at $7,500 and includes everything from start to finish. Scripting, Storyboarding, Professional Voice Over, Editing, Two Downloadable Video Links. Plan on about 30 days for your video to be completed.


This style overlays digital artwork on top of live video to make them more interactive and fun. Although we love using real people to evoke real emotion, sometimes it can get boring. If you want to show that your company is trustworthy by using live video as well as relatable and unique by using digital artwork, this style is for you!

Budget: The artwork in these videos can range from simple illustrations to full frame by frame animation so call/email us to tell us a little bit more of what you are needing so we can get you the most accurate price for your project.


$10,000 per minute

This video style uses engaging narration and compelling characters and backgrounds to tell a story. Characters can range from simple stick figures to more complex and detailed characters. 2D animation allows the characters to move and talk more than you will see in a motion graphic video. Think cartoons like Tom and Jerry or Phineas and Ferb.

Budget: These videos start at 10,000 per minute and move up form there depending on complexity. Call us for a custom quote.

The Ydraw Process

Our process is simple, seamless and very collaborative. Your assigned Project Manager will be with you every step of the way, updating you, answering questions and making sure your project is staying within your custom budget, so there are no surprises. Most of our videos are completed in 25 days, but timelines are based of each customers need. We can have your video done within 7 days, if a rush is needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Of course! All of our pricing is custom and negotiable. Each project is different and each company has different needs. We like to be flexible and work within a company’s budgets. The pricing above is a ballpark figure. We also have a lower option. Best thing to do is call our video marketing consultants and discuss your specific needs and budget.


The standard time is 25 days. However it does depend on video style and the each customer’s needs. We do have rush options and can complete a video in 5 days if needed.


Ydraw will provide you with an HD .mov file and a fast loading .mp4 file for internet usage. We also have a lot of other formats available. Whatever format you need, we will get it to you.


At Ydraw we understand that you have options, but the other options do not compare to our service and quality. Guaranteed! We have experienced and talented artists who will provide you with custom artwork instead of stock images and clipart. We also draw on paper with marker so no fake hands are involved. Talk with a video marketing consultant so you do not waste your time with bad companies.