Ydraw Video Pricing And Samples.

You’re A Genius. Below you will find packages, pricing, and samples. Try not to fall in love with us…most do!


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You just lost 50% of your audience.

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That’s why Ydraw is here to keep 100% of your audience 100% planted in their little ‘happily watch your message until the very end’ seats.


Did you know that 78% of the brain’s information enters through the eyes? Which is EXACTLY why Ydraw videos convert so well. We brain-zap ‘em.

Ydraw is the hottest trend since toilet paper. So let’s wipe out your competitors and get ready to roll with more views, more praise, more traffic, and more business!


Let’s get started with pricing!

1. Whiteboard Style

$7500 for 60 Seconds $1000 Per Additional 30 Seconds

Our standard package includes everything from concept to completion: Scripting, storyboarding, professional VO, some color, a few digital effects, custom artwork, music and complete editing. This style of video generally takes 25-30 days to complete.

Pump up the jam…$1,500 Upgrades

Upgrade Options are: Blackboard, Cardboard, Full Color, Fashion & Realistic Art.


2. Premium Whiteboard

$12,000 for up to 1 minute then $1,500 per 30 seconds after that.

Take everything from option #1, but toss in more animations and moving parts.  Let color run wild or add variety with a mix of Yswipe and Whiteboard. This style of video generally takes about 30-45 days to complete.

3. Yswipe Videos

$9,500 for up to 1 minute then $1,000 per 30 seconds after that

Yswipe Videos are a blast to watch and include everything from start to finish: Scripting, storyboarding, music, full color art,  professional VO and complete editing.  Instead of watching the artist hand-draw the story, we swap it for “swipe” where the artist places the images into the scene piece by piece. This style of video generally takes about 30 days for completion.

4. Ypaint Videos

$12,000 for up to 1 minute then $1,500 per 30 seconds after that

Imagine watching a framed, fine art masterpiece come to life before your eyes, that’s exactly what you can expect from our Ypaint style.  Our unique digital-reveal looks as if the images are being painted onto the screen.  These vides are dramatic and generally have a sophisticated tone within their script to compliment the realistic imagery.  Plan on between 30-45 days to complete this style.

Ypaint videos with a touch of 2.5d movement

5. Motion Graphic Videos

$9,500 for up to 1 minute then $1,500 per 30 seconds after that

“Look Ma….No hands!”

This style is created by digitally revealing artwork, animation, and words.  We’ll create your script and storyboard and then turn the digital dogs loose to create all the digital assets.  Topping it off with editing, voice over, music, and sound effects.  It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete this style of video.

Premium Motion Graphics

$12,000 for up to 1 minute then $1,500 per 30 seconds after that

(Take everything I just said and bump it up to first class.  We hold nothing back with this upgrade.)

6. 2.5D Pop Up

$12,000 for up to 1 minute then $1,500 per 30 seconds after that

You’ll get custom full-color artwork and complete editing in these videos which combine Motion Graphics with animated artwork.  This method creates space and movement that we like to call “2.5D style.” with a little pop-up storybook action. Depending upon the length and complexity, this video usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete.

7. Animation Overlay

$12,000 for up to 1 minute then $1,500 per 30 seconds after that

“The Legendary Stories” videos have become some of Ydraw’s top favorites. We take your live video, splicing and spicing it up with interactive art for a most incredible story telling experience. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to complete a video of this style.  (price does not include the live video footage. This can either be sent to us, or we can price it out on a per project basis)

8. 2D Animation

$15,000 for up to 1 minute then $5,000 per minute after that

“2D or Not 2D…That Is The Question.”

This video style is your answer, with custom composed music, custom sound effects, customized full-color artwork to compliment your custom script and complete custom editing.  (Did we mention this is all custom made just for YOU?)  Completion of this style of video generally takes about 6-8 weeks.

9. 3D Animation

$20,000 for up to 1 minute then $10,000 per minute after that

Think of your favorite recent animated movie…..now think of the possibility of having your own 3D animation to tell your story.  Ydraw has simplified the 3D world to keep the cost down and still create an amazing 3D masterpiece.  Custom, full color artwork and complete editing. All these videos come with custom composed music and SFX. It usually takes about 8-10 weeks to complete a video of this style. This pricing allows up to 4 characters.

10. Pre-Roll ads and Stick Figure Animation

When you watch a video on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed the ads that play before the video you’re itchin’ to watch…THAT’s a pre-roll add and THAT’s a killer way to get your message in front of your audience. Here is an example for the pre-roll ad – keep in mind, the skip button isn’t there on the video, but it plays on the YouTube pre-roll add where YouTube overlays the skip button.  Creative pre-roll adds can be be a powerful new tool in your advertising arsenal.

11. Interactive Videos

These videos allow your audience to click back and forth within the video.  Like a “choose their own ending” visual experience.  And of course, human nature always leads to a click back to see what fun the other options hold, so you’ll get double the viewing time.  It usually takes about 4-6 weeks to create a video of this style.  These can also be coded for HTML or simply created in YouTube.  Pricing for interactive depends upon which style video you choose.  Does it have animation?  Is it 2D or Stick Figure Animation?  Is it whiteboard or Yswipe?  We can price these out for you on a case by case basis.

We get asked all the time. “What makes us different from the rest?” We Love This Question!

We live in a world of options and you have a lot of different whiteboard animation companies to choose from, but the col, hard truth is…the majority of these companies are fakers.  They use ‘fake hand’ software and will copy clipart off the internet.  Video scribing is all about watching an artist “create” while you learn.  it certainly isn’t about watching a fake hand float around the screen to reveal clipart images from the internet.  If you want recycled clip art images applied by a floating fake hand…then Ydraw isn’t for you.

Our Whiteboard animation is al about Artwork.  We make your company look good by infusing your message into the narrative, which is further enhanced by custom artwork and branding throughout your video.  Ydraw hires the best talent so that we can produce the best videos and THAT’s what makes us different. Below you will see images from our top 8 competitors. Take a look and then compare them to what Ydraw creates. Need we say more!

The Other Companies

Good Morning to our friends at Ydraw,

We just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on our video! We truly couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out – it makes us smile every time we watch it. Perhaps even more important was the awesome experience we had working with each and every one of you during the process. You all have that great balance of having fun, yet being professional. It was a fantastic experience and we can’t wait to make our next video with all of you wonderful people at Ydraw.

Christina Anderson

Law, Anderson Law

What Is The Ydraw Process?

There are 4 simple steps: Scripting, Storyboarding, Recording and Editing. To learn more…watch the video below.

Most of our Videos are completed in 25 days, but we can have them done in 3 days if a rush is needed. Our timelines are usually based upon the customers’ needs.

Thank you for your time. We love you! Why? Because you love Ydraw Videos, and fortunately, you have managed to select the #1 Explainer Video Company in the WORLD. Congratulations!

We promise to make your experience exciting, fun, and as painless as possible. We cherish all our clients and look forward to serving you. Please let us know if you have questions.

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