Ydraw References and Testimonials

It is always nice to know who you are doing business with.  Below are some references and some testimonials. Feel free to contact them. 

Alex Epstein

Manager Social Media

National Safety Council


Kathleen Ritz

Ritz Marketing



Chris Kahler




Video Scribing Testimonials

Secret Fans
Secret Fans Realitves of the President
I could not say this any better… this video gave me goosebumps:

I have never seen anything Like Ydraws Work.  It is Amazing, Clear, and by far the best out there.  Trust me we have searched everywhere.

Chris Abs
Well it all started with a simple video that has grown into much more. I am on my second video the first one was a test. The conversions were so high on our first video that we decided to spend more for the deluxe package. The Results have been amazing. So amazing that we even doubled our prices to see if we could sell the same amount at double the price. So far it has been great.
Denise Farmer, Manager, Strategy and Innovation,
Denise Farmer, Manager, Strategy and Innovation, Lexis Nexis
When I first came across examples of video scribing on YouTube, I wasn’t sure I had found the vehicle I’d been looking for to re-energise our annual strategy communications. But the more examples I found, the more convinced I became that this could be a powerful new visual medium with which to tell the story of our 5-year strategic plan. This led me to Ydraw, who have now created two video scribe clips for us for internal strategy communications. Both clips were received extremely positively by employees, with a resultant improvement in engagement that I could not have anticipated when I started out on this journey. I found the overall process overwhelmingly positive, despite ambitious deadlines and geographical distance. Curtis delivered everything we asked, guided us throughout, and interpreted our story effectively through pictures. Our clips are now going global throughout our business, adding views each day. A resounding success.
Lori Warren
Lori Warren Jewish Federation Community
Hi Curtis,

Everyone LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the video. In fact, the video was truly the hit of the evening. Folks think the marketing department is brilliant! And we think you are brilliant for making us look so good.

Thanks again. You totally rock!

Dustin Matthews
Dustin Matthews 7 Figure Speaking Empire
Watch their Video Testimonial here  http://db.tt/cNshsO7e
Angie, The Black Belt Master
Angie, The Black Belt Master Blackbelt Money Master
Ydraw has been an exceptional company to work with! The video they made for me has impressed everyone that’s seen it. I’ve already referred 5 colleagues, and I haven’t even released it yet. Curtis made the process super easy and fun. What impressed me the most is how they took my script, helped me polish it, then made it come to life. Curtis understood what images needed to be in place to emphasize the emotional affects of the video, and draw the audience’s attention to the action. Not to mention the ease in which we chose a talented voice-over! (Much better than all the times I would have tried it myself!) Thanks so much to the Ydraw team and Curtis’s talent!


Erin Peacock
Erin Peacock ParentLink
There are times when referrals don’t come easy to me…but in this case, Ydraw proved to be an excellent partner in the development of Parentlink’s video. They were responsive and flexible, they came in on budget and on time, and were very professional throughout the entire process. I did speak to three other firms before landing on Ydraw and none were as agile and customer-focused. Many had drawn out timelines that could not be adjusted to fit our schedule. Others were just way to expensive. Curtis and his team wrote the script with very little input from us and we were pleasantly surprised at how spot they were and willing to adjust as we worked our way through message development. We absolutely loved their work! I highly recommend them.
Larry Buckfire
Larry Buckfire Buckfire & Buckfire

My law firm was looking for a new and interesting way to present a video on our website to capture the attention of visitors and increase our client conversions.  I had read quite a bit about video scribing and thought it would be an innovative way to accomplish my goal. After researching several companies on the internet, I chose to work with Ydraw.  Their videos were both interesting and compelling.

The Ydraw team was exceptional from start to finish.  They worked with me to come up with our concept and then provided an excellent script.  After that, I was provided with the drawing samples.  The process went quickly and smoothly and all of my requests for changes adn modifications were promptly made.  Once the artwork was completed,  I was provided with a number of samples for both voiceovers and background music.  I made my choices and the video was completed only a few days later.

Our final product has drawn rave reviews from family, friends, clients and others in the advertising industry.  We will soon be launching several marketing campaigns centered around our video.  I would highly recommend Ydraw to anyone considering a whiteboard video or video scribing project.  Their design team is extremely creative an their product work is very detailed and professional.  Best of all, the project was completed on schedule and at the budget.

Chris Equation Consulting
Hi YDraw,

Lets just put it this way. I got a Standing Ovation!


Jessy The World Bank
To our Friends at Ydraw,

Obviously we love working with you guys because we have done 3 whiteboard videos. It is always a pleasure and our videos have been such a success.