Ydraw Marketing Consultation

So you have your video…now what?

Well, Ydraw is now offering free marketing consultations to all of our clients! In this consultation, you will learn how to set up your video marketing so you are maximizing your results. Do you want to learn about:

  • Facebook advertising?
  • PPC? (Pay Per Click)
  • Retargeting?
  • Video SEO?
  • Adwords?
  • Video Site Maps?
  • Hosting?
  • Youtube Advertising?

Good news. You will learn it all in our free consultation. All of these subjects are things you need to know about in order to use your video to it’s fullest potential. YOU NEED THIS CALL PEOPLE!

Fill out the info below to get signed up. If you have questions, email Haley at haley@ydraw.com.