Why Create Video

why create video

Why Create Video?

What’s all the Hype about Video?


Former Executive Producer at Transvideo Studios and Picturelab, Rico Andrade, wrote a great article on the benefits of videos and why business are heavily relying on them for marketing: Let’s discuss a couple of things about video and what it can do for your business.


Amazing Conversion Rates


Look at the large companies like Google and Facebook, who are integrating videos as a major part of their overall marketing strategy.

At Transvideo Studios, the companies that kept track and disclosed data to us saw that video usually improved conversion rates by 15-75%.

Visual.ly had over 80,000 signups from a video on i’s LaunchRock page… MONTHS before the company actually went live. That is huge!

Effective conversions from video marketing in retail and e-commerce is well documented, as well as improvements in SEO results and social media efforts. And video can be used for other things, not just a landing page. It can be used in email signatures, tutorials, sales team, in training courses, and more.  Take a look at what we did with one of our videos.  It was a video created for the New Year and the results have been fantastic.  Check it out!

One of the keys to this video is the retention rate.  Take a look at the stats below and you will see that with Video Scribing Videos you do not get that initial drop off.  Imagine have control of you audience through the whole length of the video.  85% of everyone that sees this video is watching it all the way to the end.  A normal video retains about 40% of its viewers.

Video Scribing



A Couple Basic Video Rules 


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Why Create Video

(1) Say NO to “Viral” Video: Many people do not realize the effort, experience, and time it takes to develop a video that can potentially turn viral, as virility is unpredictable. If you are looking to make a viral video, it is in your best interest to turn to a professional video company that has measurable results, rather than spend your time making a video that ends up just not turning out how you want it to. Viral Videos can not be forced they just happen.


(2) Make your Message Short and Sweet: Prioritizing your information into a short message is extremely important in a video. Too much information stuffed into a video can hurt you, because people are inclined to remember things that make an impact on them, not complicated information that is stuffed into a short video. Focus on 3 important things, and then build from there. Ask yourself these questions when developing your 3 most important messages:

  • Are you providing a new solution to an old problem, or solving a problem that has not been tackled yet?
  • Is there anything your user must know ahead of time in order to effectively use your product?
  • How does your product easily fit in to the life of a user?


(3) Include a Call to Action: Videos perform better if the user knows what to do after the video is done. Include buttons and features so the user has a clear view of what to do next.


(4) Feature the Video: Don’t hide your video behind tons of links and pages, place it smack dab on your home page with a huge “PLAY” button for maximum effectiveness and conversions.


(5) Quality Matters: Production of a video in house, not from a video business may give a user the impression that the company is not reputable, maybe ran by a couple of kids in a dorm room. A concise script, design, intricate visuals, and quality audio all make a huge difference in whether or not users watch your video and how they react to it. You only have 3 minutes or less to get your message across it needs to be planned.


Want to be covered by a major press company? Take it from the former TechCrunch Reporter, Jason Kincaid: 


Video Increases Press Coverage

Here’s a sad truth: a lot of reporters really are quite lazy… they don’t like to spend time wading through marketing material trying to figure out what your company actually does. After all, we’ve got inboxes stuffed with pitches from companies vying for coverage. If it takes more than a minute or two to figure out what problem you’re trying to solve, we’re probably more likely to simply skip to the next message

Not only does video help in negotiating with the reporters to cover your business, but it also  secures that their coverage of your business will most likely include your video!

During my time at TechCrunch I’ve seen thousands of startups and written about hundreds of them… there are a few things I’ve seen that seem like surefire ways to ever-so-slightly grease the road to success… make a video… one that shows off the core function of your product without making people think they’re watching an ad or a pitch. And answer, as thoroughly as possible in 2-3 minutes, what it is that you’re bringing to the table.

I hope you feel a little more educated about why so many large companies are turning to video for their marketing. It is amazing what one video can do for some of our clients.

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