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ok Facebook and Microsoft are coming soon, they just have to hire us first. They will!

Your pricing is...Drum roll please

3D, 2D, Interactive, Other
  • 3D Animation
  • 2D Animation
  • Full Color
  • Rush Projects
  • Multiple Videos
  • Interactive Videos
Let's Discuss
Whiteboard Video
  • Script by George Lucas
  • Art Designed by Michaelangelo
  • Morgan Freeman Voice Over
  • Music and Sound Effects
  • Some Color and Shading
  • $1,000 for Each Additional 30 Seconds
For Up to 1 Minute
  • Call to Discuss
  • Whiteboard Mixed with Animation
  • Script
  • animation
  • VO
  • Color
  • Awesome Stuff
  • If you can afford it..Do IT!
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I was initially skeptical that any company could take a complex message like mine and distill it to its essence, but Ydraw made it happen and also made it look easy. In my view, that's the sign of a true professional. They asked me what they could change and I gave them some words from Billy Joel, "Don't go changin'. I love you just the way you are."